About Us

Who are we?

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA market with offices in Amman, Jordan and Mountain View, California.

We are entirely focused on serving the Arabic smartphone users with games tailored for the language and culture of the region. We do that by partnering with other international game developers/studios and publishing localized versions of their successful games for the Arab gamer.

Tamatem focuses on publishing casual and mid-core social games. The genres we are interested in vary from puzzle games, strategy games, racing/drifting games and word and trivia games.

We understand the needs of international gaming studios and are committed to supporting them in all possible ways. Whether you would like to publish a newly successful international game in the Arabic market or revive an old hit title, Tamatem will be your best partner. With a strong proven track record and experience in localization, user acquisition, distribution, cross-promotion, monetization, and game design, we know exactly how to ensure a game’s success in the MENA region. Focus on making great games and leave the rest to us.

If you like to get to know us better, contact us through founders@tamatem.co. We would love to chat.

Meet our team members

Hussam Hammo

He is most definitely the master of burgers

Hazim Hanbali
Creative Director

He has the cutest baby girl in the world

Tala Barghouthi
3D Artist

She’s a lethal fighter

Lamia Shreim
Monetization Specialist

Suffers from wanderlust

Ibrahim Al Hasan

All he does is kill people with coffee and jokes

Ziad Khalid

The youngest member of the Tamatem team

Eyad Al Basheer

A tea addict who’s in love with Daenerys Targaryen

Hanin Suradi
Art Team Leader

A Shawerma loving fashionista

Abed Al-Rahman Al-Refaie
Marketing Manager

He is a YouTuber

Hiba Muhareb
Quality Assurance

A yogi & viola player

Abdullah Marie
Accounting Supervisor

He takes football way to seriously

Ahmed Tayseer

Eats chicken when he’s feeling down

David John

We suspect he is a secret agent

Sara Al-Khateeb
2D Artist

She’s secretly Batman and she knows everything

Rawaa Fatouh
Social Media Specialist

Nutella’s #1 consumer

Jawanna Sawalha
Media & PR

The human encyclopaedia

Ramez Mokhtar
Product Manager

He hasn’t found a showerhead taller than him

Aly Ameen

Can consume 7 jars of Nutella and not gain weight

Ghina Al-Sharif
Product Manager

Challenge her and you’re doomed to lose

Dina Rashdan
3D Artist

She can litearlly nap anywhere

Mohammed Masoud
Marketing Officer

The guy who knows a guy

Mustafa Swiedan

He’s the life of every party

Walid Khairy

Developer by day, stand up comedian by night

Magdy Abdelghany
3D Designer

His inner Shinigami feeds on anime

Some of our partners

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