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    3 Ways Games Are Localized for the MENA Region

    - by Tamatem Inc.

    3 Ways Games Are Localized for the MENA Region As we’ve discussed before, localization for the MENA market is more than just a simple translation job. There are plenty of other factors involved when bringing a Western game into the MENA market, some of which can be quite harmful for a game to ignore!. So, when a game gets localized…

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    Tamatem & Game Insight Announce Partnership to Publish Airport City in the Middle East

    - by Tamatem Inc.

    Amman, Jordan – April 22, 2018 – Tamatem Inc., the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market, today announced a new partnership with global games developer Game Insight. This new venture will bring a localized version of Game Insight’s hit mobile game Airport City to Arabic gamers. Airport City is a Sim/Tycoon mobile game that lets players build…

  • PR

    Tamatem has built a thriving mobile business by bringing games to the Arab world

    - by Tamatem Inc.

    This was published by Venture Beat on April 21, 2018 & written by Stephanie Chan. Mobile publisher Tamatem has brought 40 games to the Arabic-language market and racked up millions of downloads. Its newest title is Airport City, a simulation game from Lithuanian developer Game Insight. It will debut on iOS and Android in that region on April 26. “The main…