10 Reasons You Should Work at Tamatem Games

10 Reasons You Should Work at Tamatem Games
January 28, 2021 Tamatem Inc.

10 Reasons You Should Work at Tamatem

#1 The Learning Curve

Whatever your role you will always learn something new. There is a lot of cross-functionality between departments at Tamatem so learning happens across the board. The industry is also extremely progressive and rapidly changing. In other words, you need to stay ahead of the game (quite literally!)

#2 Booming Industry

Mobile gaming revenue was estimated at over $63 Billion in 2020 worldwide and is projected to grow to $100 Billion by 2023. The astronomical rise of popularity in mobile games has led to an overflow of investments in the sector in recent years. Mobile has taken over PC & Console gaming and continues to grow exponentially. Fun fact: the gaming industry is a larger money maker than both the film and music industries combined!

#3 Leading Publishers in the Region

With over 100 Million Downloads and 1 Million Active Monthly Users, Tamatem stands as the leading games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. Our secret? Localization, App Store Optimization, Design Analysis, Data Analytics, User Acquisition, User Support and Marketing all powered by the best talent in town.

#4 The Benefits

Amazing is an understatement when it comes to our employee benefits. Here are a few that standout!

  • 100 Days Maternity Leave
  • 1 Week Paternity Leave
  • Full Category ‘A’ Health Insurance Coverage
  • 50% Discounted Gym Subscription
  • Annual Bonus System
  • Annual Vacation Days Increase with Years of Service

#5 The Environment 

Too good to be true. You’ll believe it when you see it. For now, check out our article on ‘What the Leading Mobile Games Publisher Looks Like on the Inside’ 

#6 The People

Tamatem is a melting pot of interesting people with a whole range of experiences. You’ll find all kinds of individuals from all types of backgrounds working under one roof. Also, contrary to stereotype in the industry, more than half the team are actually women!

#7 What We Stand For

Tamatem was founded on transparency, authenticity, inclusion, non-discrimination, proactivity and a can-do attitude. Without these values at the core of our organization we wouldn’t be where we are today.

#8 Team Activities

Work-Life balance is extremely important to us. Whether it’s a football match, a book club or a full blown ‘Tarneeb’ competition, you will always find something to sign up for with your co-workers. If you’re the overly competitive type, you can also spend your coffee break in our PlayStation and Xbox equipped game rooms.

#9 Local Success Story

Tamatem is an all Jordanian all local brand on an accelerated route to international prominence. What better way to give back to your community than support the rise of a home grown local company on its way to success on a global scale.

#10 The Opportunities

Whether or not you decide to continue your career in mobile games, the knowledge and experience you will gain with us will allow you to progress and shine in whatever career path you decide to take in the future. The opportunity to grow both personally and professionally is inevitable with Tamatem, the only thing you need to do is grab.