4 Reasons to Publish Your Game in Arabic

4 Reasons to Publish Your Game in Arabic
April 17, 2019 David Mel

Have you ever thought to publish your game in Arabic? No? Well, I’m sure you will change your mind soon. As the MENA region grows bigger in almost every aspect, many companies are taking steps to localize their products, services, and websites in Arabic. This new trend has started after companies around the world realized what the MENA region has to offer from huge purchasing power and the great willingness of Arab individuals to become a part of the global market. In the gaming sector, this is becoming more evident as huge video game companies, such as Ubisoft Entertainment and Riot Games, are opening up offices in the region to publish games in Arabic, while others are planning to increase their presence in the region.

After relating these facts, now we’ll highlight the four main reasons to you why you should publish your game in Arabic.

Huge, Thirsty Audience in an Untapped Market

The number of gamers in the MENA region had always been noteworthy, but it has experienced a huge surge in the past decade with both males and females playing more games. Mobile games has also achieved a huge popularity in the region, making the Middle East the fastest growing market for mobile games in the world according to Newzoo. Arabic mobile games are coming in fast and topping their English counterparts in the charts. All of these are great reasons for entering the market, but you’re probably asking: “why should you publish your game and localize it for Arab? Most of the other games published in that region are in English.” Well, first, it’s because other publishers are moving towards localizing their upcoming titles, as well as some of their old ones. Second, localizing a game is perhaps the easiest way to gain a big advantage over other companies, especially now when the market is still young and the Arabic game reservoir is still relatively small.

Full Immersion

Every gamer that turns on their PC, console, or phone and then starts a game wants to escape to another reality where the mundane pace and problems of this life cannot follow. So the more engaging the game is, the more players can get lost in its world. From a linguistic point of view, there is no such thing as full immersion if the characters and the game are in a language different from your mother tongue. That’s why having your game published in Arabic in the MENA region will greatly affect its installs, playtime and increase them substantially.

Ensure Cultural Compatibility and Avoid Controversies

Publishing your game in Arabic does not mean that only the language was changed. It also means that your game was thoroughly viewed by cultural experts who have made sure everything in your game is in accordance with the cultural norms of the Arab region. Anything that might not suit the culture will, of course, be flagged and sent to you, so you’ll always have the final word, but not one culturally inappropriate thing will ever be associated with your game.

Opening New Doors

Now, for the business side. After you have seen how much profit localizing your game can generate, it’s time to look at the new prospects localizing will allow you. Once you have one or more games running in the Arab world, you will open your company for more collaborative opportunities with other MENA-based companies, ranging from tech and design companies to educational and governmental institutions. You will also be able to add one of the most spoken languages in the world to your company’s portfolio, making it easier to cover more markets and attract new clients.