5 reasons why the gaming industry is one of the most important industries during Ramadan

5 reasons why the gaming industry is one of the most important industries during Ramadan
May 31, 2020 Tamatem Inc.

Ramadan comes once every year, and brings with it calm and serenity to the Arab world. Most of the people in the Arab world celebrate this month, their daily routine changes as they fast from dawn to sunset. During this month, the working hours change, the daily routing of people change, their activities and what they do in their free time changes as well as they tend to get more spiritual. This month also brings with it lots of free time, people usually look for ways to entertain themselves while fasting to get their minds away from food and drinks. This Ramadan in specific came with lots of differences, as all the mosques are closed because of Corona, coffee shops are closed, restaurants and all other means of entertainment. Which makes the gaming industry one of the most important industries.


Here are 5 reasons why the gaming industry is one of the most important industries during Ramadan in general, and this R0amadan in specific:


  1. People have lots of free time this month, their sleeping pattern usually changes, they are sleeping during the day and staying up at night. After they are done with their spiritual activities, they tend to look for entertainment, which makes the gaming industry their go to activity since all other means of entertainment are closed because of the pandemic.
  2. Games usually have special offers and promotions during Ramadan, which attracts more players to the games and make them spend more time playing and challenging each other.
  3. Since people cannot see each and gather this year, they switch to interacting and communicating while challenging each other in online games on their phones, which gives more popularity to the gaming industry.
  4. Most of the games nowadays have the chat feature, and so people are using this feature to congratulate their friends and family for this month and wish them well while playing with each other.
  5. At the end of Ramadan comes Eid El Fiter, and people usually tend to gift each other during Eid, therefore they are using the gifting feature on games to gift each other and celebrate Eid.


Gaming industry is one of the most important entertainment industries in the world in general and the Arab world in specific, and is most popular during Ramadan. Which also gives advantage for gaming companies to launch more games and do more promotions this month. Tamatem took advantage of this month and launched more games with more features. Check our all of our games on this link, enjoy your time and invite your friends.