Tamatem Games partners up with top influencers in Saudi Arabia for a VIP Baloot tournament! 

The number one mobile games publisher in the MENA region, Tamatem Games, partnered with eight Saudi Social Media influencers for a month-long tournament of the most popular card game in Saudi Arabia, VIP Baloot! Tamatem teamed up with a group of top-tier Saudi influencers that total average views of over 16 million. Collaborating with these influencers led to a 35% increase in-game revenue and a 10% increase in game downloads! 

All influencers entered a full 360-degree Baloot tournament playing against each other to win the final title and match! Each influencer got to choose one of their followers to partner with for the whole tournament to win the VIP Baloot title and also get the chance to win a brand new iPhone! 

More than that! Atheer got her very own Fashion Queen Snapchat filter! Atheer’s followers and Fashion Queen lovers enjoyed using the filter and were able to interact in real-time with Atheer in picking brand new fashion outfits within the game every single day! 

After iftar, influencers and their teams would get together for extreme and intense Baloot competitions! With customizable VIP Baloot decks, tables, and in-game banners! Users were also able to interact with the influencers on social media to watch their favorite influencers win at the most competitive and popular card game in the region, VIP Baloot! 

Fashion Queen, Tamatem’s highly popular fashion game, teams up with Atheer Al Hilweh for the month of Ramadan! 

One of Tamatem’s most popular games, Fashion Queen, teams up with influencer Atheer Al Hilweh in a month-long campaign! During the month of Ramadan, Fashion Queen officially introduced the character of Atheer Al Hilweh. Players can now interact with Atheer by completing missions, exploring her story, and purchasing exclusive outfits handpicked by the influencer herself! Atheer has over 6 Million average views on Snapchat! Teaming up with her helped users better understand how to navigate the game and unlock levels. More than that! Introducing Atheer to Fashion Queen led to a 40% increase in revenue and 30% increase in game downloads! 

Atheer also introduced the PVP (Player vs Player) feature in the game to engage users in playing and interacting with one another. She announced a competition whereby users got the chance to play against Atheer herself and win prizes! Users that won playing against Atheer were rewarded with promo codes for in-game purchases! 

More than that! Atheer got her very own Fashion Queen Snapchat filter! Atheer’s followers and Fashion Queen lovers enjoyed using the filter and were able to interact in real-time with Atheer in picking brand new fashion outfits within the game every single day! 

Fashion Queen collaborating with influencers like Atheer Al Hilweh gets us closer to our users and their lifestyles! We are always looking for ways to enhance and uplift our user’s experience and make the game highly entertaining and enjoyable. We chose Atheer for Fashion Queen because of her absolute love for the game. Atheer is a Fashion Queen fanatic herself and who would be a better fit than someone who is a massive fan of the game and knows it inside and out! We loved partnering with the fabulous Atheer and especially enjoyed giving life to her very own Fashion Queen character for all of her fans and followers to interact with and enjoy! 

شركة طماطم للألعاب تتعاون مع كبار الشخصيات المؤثرة في المملكة العربية السعودية في بطولة في آي بي بلوت

تعاونت شركة “طماطم”، الرائدة في نشر ألعاب الهاتف المحمول في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا، ولمدة شهر، شراكة مع ثمانية من المؤثرين السعوديين على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي في بطولة لأشهر لعبة ورق في المملكة، لعبة في آي بي بلوت

تتجاوز مجموع مشاهدات هذه المجموعة من المؤثرين الإجتماعيين 16 مليون مشاهدة. وهذا التعاون ساهم في زيادة إيرادات اللعبة بنسبة 35% وزيادة في عدد تحميلات التطبيق بنسبة %10

دخل جميع المؤثرين في دورة كاملة لتحدي “بلوت” للحصول على لقب البطولة في المباراة النهائية. حيث سيلعب كل مؤثر ضد الآخر بعد أن يختار متابع من متابعيه للمشاركة معه طيلة فترة البطولة للفوز بلقب “في آي بي بلوت” والتي تمكنهم من الحصول على فرصة للفوز بأحدث جهاز “آيفون”. 

بعد الإفطار، تجتمع الفرق معاً ويبدأ التحدي على طاولة وأوراق مصممة خصيصاً لتطبيق “في آي بي بلوت”، بالإضافة إلى إعلانات تظهر داخل اللعبة نفسها. كما بإمكان كل مستخدمي اللعبة مشاهدة كل التحديات والتفاعل مع المؤثرين عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي وتشجيعهم لربح أشهر لعبة ورق في المنطقة، لعبة في آي بي بلوت

ملكة الموضة، لعبة الحكايات والأزياء الشهيرة لشركة طماطم، تتعاون مع أثير الحلوة في رمضان

تعاونت شركة “طماطم”، ناشرة لعبة “ملكة الموضة”، إحدى أشهر ألعاب الشركة، مع أيقونة الموضة “أثير الحلوة”، في حملة استمرت لشهر. هذا التعاون منح اللاعبات خلال شهر رمضان الفضيل، التفاعل مع شخصية “أثير” بعد أن تم إضافتها كجزء من أحداث ومجريات اللعبة. حيث ستتمكن كل لاعبة باجتياز مراحل اللعبة واستكشاف مزايا جديدة ومميزة، بالإضافة إلى اختيار ملابس حصرية من مجموعتها الخاصة، والتقاط صور معها، وذلك فقط عن طريق التفاعل مع شخصية “أثير” في اللعبة

تجاوزت مشاهدات “أثير” على تطبيق سناب شات ستة ملايين مشاهدة. وانضمام شخصيتها كجزء من اللعبة أضاف التشويق لاستكشاف مراحل ومهمّات جديدة. نجاح التعاون كان واضحاً مع زيادة ملحوظة في إيرادات اللعبة بنسبة 40% وزيادة في عدد تحميلات التطبيق بنسبة %30

قمنا مع أثير باضافة تحدي جديد في اللعبة، هذا التحدي يمكن اللاّعبات من التفاعل وتحدي “أثير” في الموضة. ستنال الرابحة في التحدي مكافأة تمكنها الحصول على رمز ترويجي للقيام بشراء ماتريد عبر تطبيق اللعبة

ولإضافة المزيد من المتعة، حصلت “أثير” على فلتر خاص بها في تطبيق سناب شات. حيث استمتع محبي لعبة “ملكة الموضة” ومتابعات “أثير” من استخدام الفلتر والتفاعل المباشر معها لاختيار إطلالة يومية جديدة في اللعبة

تعاون “شركة طماطم” لتطبيقها “ملكة الموضة” مع مؤثرة اجتماعية مثل “أثير الحلوة” يساعد على فهم حياة مستخدمي التطبيق والتقرب لهم أكثر. نبحث دوماً عن طرق لتحسين تجربة اللاعبين والارتقاء بها، وجعل اللعبة مسلية وأكثر متعة. “أثير” من أشد معجبي لعبة “ملكة الموضة” مما جعلها أفضل اختيار لهذا التعاون. إدراج شخصيتها إلى لعبة “ملكة الموضة” أضاف المزيد من المتعة لمتابعيها، وزيادة استمتاع جمهور اللعبة


Regardless of how much you do or don’t know about them and how they work, one thing is certain: cryptocurrency is a major topic of interest. Recently, crypto has become at the forefront of pivotal discussions within varying industries. 

With talks on leveraging blockchain technology to make business operations more efficient, inclusive, and secure, many industry leaders are at a crossroads. Pertaining to the mobile game industry, we find ourselves, along with the majority of the world, asking: Is crypto the future of gaming? 

The Crypto Basics 

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty of the intersectionality between crypto and mobile gaming, let’s get the A, B, C’s down first. 

A cryptocurrency is essentially a virtual currency that is designed to be exchanged digitally without relying on central authorities, like banks or government. Cryptocurrencies are secured by cryptography and built within the blockchain. 

Blockchain technology is the underlying protocol that enables and publicly records transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, the use of cryptocurrencies ensures that transactions are decentralized, secure, and transparent. 

Why Mobile Games Make The Perfect Ecosystem For Crypto

With almost 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide, the mobile gaming market presents a unique space where the adoption of crypto can shift the paradigm significantly in future years. Mobile gaming is still on the rise in markets such as Asia and Latin America; to add, the MENA mobile gaming market is expected to even triple in size throughout the coming years. 

Crypto gaming presents a wide range of added benefits, including the potential to get paid for playing with play-to-earn crypto games. As such, according to Quantum Economics chief Alexandre Lores, the mobile gaming market is arguably one of the largest avenues for cryptocurrency adoption

Benefits Of Utilizing Crypto In Mobile Games

By nature, mobile gaming is heavily reliant on the aspect of monetization be it through in-app purchases, ads, or affiliate marketing. As a secure mode of exchange, cryptocurrency is already proving to be a useful tool in the world of mobile game monetization. 

In a blockchain-powered mobile game, users would send crypto units to the game’s or to other users’ digital wallets. With no major difference to how such exchanges traditionally occur, one may wonder what the benefits of using crypto in mobile games would look like…

 1 . Efficiency

When looking at crypto, there’s no denying the unmatched ease of transaction. With no intermediary involved in the process, transactions are pretty much instantaneous, which makes the exchange much more efficient for all parties.

2. Inclusivity

The world of crypto and blockchain technology is synonymous with inclusivity; anyone from anywhere can participate in an exchange. With an open, democratic, decentralized system, crypto is enabling financial freedom and individual autonomy for anyone with internet access. This makes room for underbanked populations to engage in mobile gaming and take part in the necessary exchanges involved. 

3. Security

The blockchain enables safe and secure transactions in a way that prevents hacking and fraudulent activity. It also protects the identity of all parties, allowing gamers to participate in exchanges across mobile games without worrying about their personal or payment information being at risk. 

4. Possibility

With a scope of possibilities that seem to multiply overnight, crypto is already introducing the gaming world to new and exciting potential. From play-to-earn game models that would allow players to earn in cryptocurrencies to in-game NFTs that would enable ownership of assets, some dubbed “crypto-collectibles”, the future of crypto mobile gaming is one with massive possibilities.  

The world of mobile gaming is a place where there is constant presence as well as constant transactions taking place; two factors that power and are empowered by the omnipotent nature of crypto. While there’s no way to be absolutely sure, our guess is that crypto will strongly shape the future of mobile games in disruptive ways. 

5 Mobile Game Blogs To Follow

The mobile gaming industry is ever-evolving; new trends, tech, and talent are continuously on the rise. As a gamer, developer, publisher, investor, or pretty much any stakeholder, it can become overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest on every aspect of the industry.

Here’s a quick rundown of our favourite mobile game blogs to follow:

Tamatem Games

As the MENA’s leading mobile games publisher, Tamatem Games is at the forefront of the region when it comes to content too. The Tamatem Games blog offers easy-to-read posts that dive into everything from region-specific updates to insightful industry reads. In addition, it’s the resource for updates and insights on Tamatem Games as a team, company, and key player in MENA. 


TouchArcade is an online platform that covers all things to do with mobile games. The blog dives into games and apps for iPhone and iPod Touch, giving you roundups, reviews, forums, and a podcast. It’s practically your one-stop shop for mobile gaming content.


Covering things from a more editorial perspective, Gamezebo highlights mobile games in the form of interviews, reviews, previews, strategy guides, and news. With lots of quick reads and listicles, the blog is structured in a way that appeals to the everyday reader. On the flip side, the “walkthroughs” section provides insight into specific games by offering lots of tips, tricks, and so on. 


Dubbed the “global authority on all things mobile and handheld”, PocketGamer is your go-to resource for any and every piece of content surrounding mobile games, both iOS, and Android. PocketGamer is hugely user-centric; the blog values its readers and the type of content they want to read. The site pumps out lots of useful content through their social media channels, and while also running PocketGamer.Biz, which focuses more on the business side of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming Hub

Just as the name suggests, MobileGamingHub is your hub for news and content in the mobile gaming world. Aside from general posts, the blog’s evergreen content in the form of guides is rather useful – if you’re in need of a guide to begin a game, chances are you’ll find it here.

Jordanian Company Dives into Arabic Mobile Games Market

AMMAN — Its logo is a tomato, not an apple, but in just eight years Jordanian company Tamatem has already bitten a chunk out of the lucrative market for Arabic mobile games.

“Less than one percent of Internet content is in Arabic, even though there are 400 million Arab users,” said the company’s founder and CEO Hussam Hammo.

“There is a very big gap in this market that we are trying to fill,” added the 38-year-old entrepreneur, sitting in his elegant Amman offices. 

Hammo founded Tamatem — which means tomato — in 2013 and it was the first Arab company to win investment from the “500 Startups” program based in Silicon Valley, California.

Eight years on the company has grown to about 80 staff who convert mobile phone games into Arabic, also adapting content to fit Arab culture.

“Language was a barrier to mobile games growth” in the region, said Nour Khrais, founder and chief executive of games developer Maysalward.

“The Arabic language connects [the player] emotionally.”

With offices now in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Tamatem has published more than 50 mobile games, which have been downloaded more than 100 million times on Apple and Google Play stores.

“Seventy percent of smartphone users in the Arab world have set their phones in Arabic, which means they like to use content in their mother language,” said Hammo.

“Sadly when you search in English for a game in app stores you will find millions of games, but when you search in Arabic there are only a few thousand,” he added.

‘Billion-dollar industry’ 

But competition is fierce, and Khrais said the Middle East and North Africa region was “the largest growth region in the world in the field of electronic games”.

Market analysts Mordor Intelligence said the global gaming market in 2020 was valued at $174 billion and was expected to reach $314 billion in 2026.

Tamatem, which has partnerships with companies in the US, China, France, South Korea, Bulgaria and Croatia, converts games by replacing characters’ voices and names, adapting music and clothing, adding Muslim holidays like Ramadan, and even changing car license plates. 

“We don’t only do translation, we do the most important thing which is educating by making the content relevant to the Arab culture,” said chief operating officer Eyad Al Basheer.

“Hollywood Story” from Nanobit.com, in which players can become movie stars, strut the red carpet, hang out with fans and even shoot blockbusters, was renamed “Malekat Al Moda” — or “Queen of Fashion”.

.Instead of locations in New York and Los Angeles, the avatars travel between Dubai, Beirut and Cairo, in an Arabic game that has now been downloaded more than 15 million times. 

Strategy multiplayer and civilization-building game “Clash of Empire” from developer Leme Games launched its Arabic version “Tahadi Al-Molouk” or “Challenge of Kings” this year.

‘Next industrial revolution 

To fit Arab audiences, the figure of the notorious crusader Richard the Lionheart has been replaced by legendary dynastic Muslim leader, Salah Al-Din Al Ayubi.

One of the company’s biggest hits is “Shake the Metal” which taps into the popular sport of drifting. Featuring car models beloved in the Arab world, it has now been downloaded five million times.

The most popular of Tamatem’s Arabic mobile games, however, is “VIP Belote”, which is based on the French card game and has been downloaded more than 20 million times. 

In a 2019 report by the World Economic Forum, Tamatem was chosen as one of the best 100 Arabic companies “shaping the fourth industrial revolution”. 

And the COVID-19 pandemic has proved a boon, with the number of mobile gamers soaring by 150 percent, Hammo said.

“Tamatem made games easier, and we understand things that we didn’t understand before because it was in English,” said player Khader Hamid, a 28-year-old civil engineer.

Mona Rummaneh, a 30-year-old working in e-marketing, said Arabic games left her “confident that all the content is appropriate for our culture and morals”.

She recalled how after the Beirut port explosion in August 2020, she and other gamers voiced their solidarity with Lebanese players.

“So it is more than just a game,” she said.

Article by Kamal Taha

Jordan-based Tamatem and Royal Jordanian sign a new deal

In the past months, Jordan-based mobile game publisher Tamatem, which has received an $11 million investment from Krafton-led financing round, has signed a new deal. The agreement with Royal Jordanian (RJ), a Jordanian airline company, covers passenger comfort and in-flight entertainment content.

Under the deal, Tamatem will integrate several games into SkyConnect, Royal Jordanian’s wireless inflight entertainment system. This deal will make flights more enjoyable, and both companies will benefit. According to a statement released by Royal Jordanian, the agreement was signed between Samer Majali, RJ vice president and CEO, and Hussam Hammo, Tamatem’s Founder and CEO.

According to another RJ statement, gaming machines, tablets, and charging stations will be installed in the Crown Lounge at Queen Alia International Airport as part of the agreement. In the past two years, Jordanian company Tamatem has made a name for itself with various news. The successful company continues to increase the scale with new agreements.

Article by Mobidictum

Tamatem raises $11M Series B led by PUBG maker Krafton

Jordan-based mobile game publisher Tamatem announced today it has raised $11 million in a Series B led by KRAFTON, a South Korean game developer behind PUBG, marking its first investment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Venture Souq, Endeavor Catalyst, and existing investors also participated in the round. 

The Series B round brings its total raised to over $17 million and values Tamatem at around $80 million, Hussam Hammo, CEO and founder of Tamatem told TechCrunch. 

Tamatem publishes games relevant to Arabic users and customizes its games to fit the culture.  

“The users need to feel that the game was made for them, not just translated from one language to another. Tamatem makes the games culturally relevant to the end-users,” said Hammo. “The demand for relatable and enjoyable mobile games is higher than ever and our mission is to provide our region with the best gaming experience possible.”

Tamatem will use the latest funding to amplify its efforts by bringing various games with more popular titles to the Arabic-speaking market. The startup will hire local talent in Saudi Arabia to expand further. The gaming industry is booming in Saudi Arabia, with about 70% of Tamatem’s users, Hammo noted. 

“Big things are happening for the mobile games industry in the region. We are reaping the rewards of our past successes and pushing forward with more experience and more grit. We are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive potential of mobile games in MENA, and I am always super elevated when more people invest in the industry and the region,” Hammo said. 

The startup also plans to launch a gaming academy to train, educate and elevate employment in the industry in pursuit of pushing the market’s growth and maturity. 

It has published more than 50 games since 2013, including its four main games: VIP Baloot, VIP Jalsat, Fashion Queen and Clash of Empire. Tamatem has over 120 million downloads across its portfolio and 3.5 million daily active users on its top games. 

The company has 75 employees, and is planning on doubling in size in the next six months, Hammo noted. 

Tamatem plans to continue expanding globally and hiring all kinds of talent from all over the world. 

“We have employees in the U.S., India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Hungary and Jordan. We opened an office in Saudi and Egypt last year and are planning to open more regional offices in different countries,” Hammo said.

“We see huge potential in the MENA region and are happy to have started our investment journey here with a prolific publisher like Tamatem. We are committed to the MENA region and are willing to take more bets in the overall media and entertainment sector. This investment is aligned with our efforts to strengthen our commitment to the startup ecosystem. This is just the beginning of our many investments in this region,” said Anuj Tandon, head of corporate development (India and MENA) at KRAFTON. “As we continue our focus to provide the best experience for our MENA users of our various games including PUBG: NEW STATE, Tamatem’s deep understanding of the local landscape and this collaboration will be very helpful.”

Article by Kate Park, Tech Crunch