How NFTs Are Changing The Gaming Industry

‘NFT’ is one of the biggest buzzwords that have hit the market in recent years, but what are NFTs and how do they affect the world of games? Let’s start with the basics… 

What are NFTs? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Let’s break it down: Non-Fungible is essentially just a fancy way of saying non-replaceable or something that cannot be identically replaced or replicated. A token is a cryptographic asset…Which just in layman’s terms means a digital asset. So a non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated. Where do NFTs stand in the world of blockchain? It is a cryptographic asset on a blockchain with its very own unique identification code that distinguishes it from all other digital assets that exist online. It can take some time to get your head wrapped around it, but if you scratch all the fancy big words you can simplify it to mean a digital asset in the digital world with a unique identifier that cannot be replicated. 

NFTs are mostly used in the digital art world for people to create their own digital art and be able to sell and monetize their digital assets. NFTs are digital assets on the blockchain and so anyone that owns that digital NFT art piece owns the unique identifier that comes with it. In that sense, no one can replicate the NFT asset or ‘digital art’ that has been created, it is unique to its owner. The NFT asset is a unique item in the digital world due to the blockchain technology that it is associated with. So any NFT that is created on the blockchain is one of a kind and cannot be replicated or copied. It can only be traded due to the exclusive code that it is identified with. These one-of-a-kind pieces led to a surge in demand for digital art with many pieces selling for millions of dollars. Now that we have laid down the basic groundwork let’s dive into how NFTs have impacted the gaming industry. 

Digital assets have existed in the gaming world ever since its inception. Digital assets refer to any type of virtual item or character that exists within the game. These assets have been a part of the gaming world for as long as it has existed but with the rise of blockchain technology and NFTs people are beginning to change the way they think about in-game assets and are beginning to realize that there are now new opportunities to invest, engage and monetize with the games they love to play. 

Since NFTs are digital assets that are verified on the blockchain and non-replicable, this new technology has created a profound impact on the gaming industry. The most obvious way NFT technology has impacted the gaming market is that NFTs can now allow gamers to actually own the in-game assets that they purchase. This means that the developers that have created the in-game assets can now trade and sell these digital assets to players with an individual unique code for every digital asset created. Players having game item ownership is leading to a new level of engagement and investment in gaming. Not only that, but the developers have also unlocked new ways to monetize one-of-a-kind items directly to players leading to higher revenue for the games.

For the players, NFT technology has allowed for the creation of in-game economies where players can autonomously trade and sell their in-game digital assets creating new modes of income and investment. Some technologies are also giving players the chance to take their assets from one game to the other. For the developers, NFT technology has allowed for more possibilities in monetization and creating sustainable business models for the games that they create. If you look at it historically, we can actually say that NFTs were born in the gaming world, and with the introduction of blockchain technology digital creators now have the chance to invest and monetize their creations. Blockchain has had a profound impact on our economies and the world of games is no exception with the multitude of digital assets that have long existed, simply put, NFTs and blockchain are reshaping the traditional gaming eco-system and have opened new doors for both gamers and developers allowing for limitless possibilities for the industry. 

Tamatem Games Launches Payment And Distribution Platform For Mobile Games

Tamatem Games is a leader in publishing mobile games in the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. And now it has released a new payments and distribution platform.

Tamatem Plus is targeted at helping international game developers expand and unlock the full potential of the MENA mobile games market.

Mobile game developers have faced the recurring pain point of not being able to fully penetrate the Arabic-speaking market due to the issue of payments in the MENA region. Around 70% of the Arab population is underbanked and over the years international players have shied away from expanding into the region due to difficulties in payments.

International game developers have struggled with fully accessing the large Arab population that does not have access to online banking leaving cash as a popular payment method in the region. Tamatem Plus is a one-stop solution that offers access to a massive network of popular alternative payment methods, from direct carrier billing to e-wallets, and card and cash payments for the benefit of both the developer and user.

Tamatem Plus offers Arab players the ability to top up their accounts using their preferred local payment method and therefore gives access to mobile game developers to an untapped market.

“Introducing Tamatem Plus will fundamentally change the course of the MENA mobile games market,” said Faisal Bitar, product principal at Tamatem Games, in a statement. “Not being able to access a massive portion of the Arab-speaking population due to payment issues has been a constant challenge and pain point for international players and game developers in the industry. There is great eagerness to expand into the region based on how lucrative the MENA mobile games market is however, payment methods have always been an issue… And now with the introduction of Tamatem Plus, we can welcome a sea of international game developers to launch and expand their games in the region.”

Tamatem Games wants Tamatem Plus to unlock a whole market with a click of a button. The seamless integration of the platform to both the developers and users is something that has been long awaited in the MENA mobile games market and is now being delivered by the leading mobile games publisher, Tamatem Games.

Amman, Jordan-based Tamatem Games was founded in 2013 when CEO Hussam Hammo realized the massive gap in Arabic mobile games available in the MENA market. Tamatem was born with the purpose of entertaining the region with content that people can relate to and understand. Today, Tamatem stands as the number one Arabic mobile games publisher in the region with over 50 published games, 150 million downloads, and 7 million monthly active users.

Article by Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat

The Master Behind Tamatem’s Engine: Eyad Al Basheer, An Exclusive Interview

Hello, Eyad! We are interviewing you today to get to know the operations guru behind the massive machine that is Tamatem Games! Let’s get right into it! 

Tell us about how you ended up at Tamatem Games! Have you always worked in the mobile games industry? What led you to Tamatem?

I graduated from Princess Sumaya University for Techonology with a degree in Computer Science! That’s where I actually first met Hussam, we were college friends both completing the same degree. After graduating, I immediately jumped into the corporate world starting as a developer for a banking solution company and working there for nine years eventually becoming department head, I worked in a very rigid old-school corporate system but it was very stable and had a promising future. Life placed me on a very different path when we graduated, but we remained very close friends throughout the years. One day, on our way to Aqaba, Hussam and I were playing a game called 4pics1word on our iPads and thought how cool it would be if the game was in Arabic, for native Arabic speakers to enjoy and consume. That’s when the light bulb clicked for Hussam and he continued in his pursuit to launch a mobile gaming company that would publish Arabic mobile games. 

Shortly after, Hussam gives me a call and asks me to join him in launching and growing Tamatem Games. I had zero experience in the games industry, I spent my whole career working for a banking company and the gaming industry was so very foreign and new to me. For as long as I can remember I was an avid gamer and had a big love for playing games spending most of my free time playing but I never thought I would launch a career in the industry itself. Hussam wanted someone he could trust to manage the operations of the company and we essentially had to build the whole thing from scratch. I had to make the very difficult decision to leave my steady corporate career and join something that at the time had a very high-risk factor, but I believed in Hussam and his idea to launch an Arabic mobile games publisher. The decision was not an easy one to make, but I’m so very happy that I did. I left the only world that I ever knew and joined Hussam in launching Tamatem. I knew that the experience would be very different from where I was but I didn’t imagine how incredibly different the start-up world would be. We did everything from administration work to dealing with landlords and even transferring bills! We had to wear so many different hats because we had no one else. I went from leading a very specific department and team to something that was constantly shifting. It took me a while to adjust from the corporate world to the very uncertain non-uniform start-up life. But with high risk comes high return. I jumped the opportunity and never looked back and it was the best decision I ever made. 

When you see Tamatem today, what do you feel?

When we first started off we were only 10 people in the company, today, Tamatem’s family has grown to over 100 people from all around the world. The numbers we are making today were merely a dream 10 years ago and now we’re living it! I never imagined that we would get to where we are today and I am so very proud of what we accomplished. At times and especially working at a startup, things would seem impossible, we had a lot of ups and downs during the years but if you have the right mindset and if you genuinely believe in what you are doing; with the right vision and the right people nothing is impossible. I truly believe that your mindset can change everything. With the right state of mind, with the growth state of mind, entrepreneurs can push through any road bump that could come their way.

Also, hiring the right people is an extremely fundamental thing to the success of your company. You don’t want to just hire anyone that fits the job description, you must hire the right person for the culture and environment of the company, and more importantly, you must hire the people that believe in where the ship is headed, in the dream, in the vision. We look for dreamers, we look for people that have a growth mindset that believes in what we’re doing. Those are the people that will take your company to the next level. Because, essentially, everything is trainable within the scope of work, but you can’t really train people to believe or think in a certain way, you need to have people that go beyond their work scope that are willing to learn and expand their personal goals. With the right people and the right mindset, anything is possible I have seen this firsthand with my experience at Tamatem and it gives me so much pride to see that where we are today is because of so many people that have come our way and helped take our dream to the next level.

What was your favorite game to play growing up? Were you a Console or PC player? 

I was a PC gamer growing up, I only bought a console a couple of years back! Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with PC games and my first one was when I was around 7 years old, it was called ‘Sakher’ and I was absolutely hooked. It was a big hit when it launched in the market a super long time ago! I was obsessed with PCs and I even once convinced my father to buy the Pentium PC which had the encyclopedia on it with the excuse of me studying… I ended up playing FIFA 98 on it!

What is your favorite Tamatem game?

My all-time favorite Tamatem game was one of earlier published ones ‘Shake the Metal’ it was one of the games I enjoyed playing most! We spent a lot of time creating the game and I really enjoyed the mechanics of it! It was a super unique and original game and was localized perfectly for the Arabic market. My favorite Tamatem game today is VIP Tarneeb! I really enjoy playing Tarneeb! 

Tell me about your day-to-day at Tamatem. What does it entail? What does a regular day at Tamatem look like for you?

As Chief Operations Officer I basically overlook everything! There are 8 main departments at Tamatem and I need to make sure that they’re all running smoothly so that the business runs smoothly! My day is loaded with meetings, slack messages, and emails! Most of my days are following up with department heads and making sure everything is running smoothly! My days are extremely busy, today I have 9 meetings for example! Sometimes, we need to think of ways that would reduce meetings to increase productivity. Sometimes a simple slack message can do the job but other times meetings need to happen to resolve issues, motivate people and align! My role at Tamatem Games is always making sure that we are headed in the right direction, that we are always looking towards our vision, and that every team at Tamatem works seamlessly and is functioning at the highest and best level.

What would you say is the hardest part of your job?

I would say hiring the right people is the most important and most difficult part of the job. As mentioned earlier, people can really make or break the whole unit. One wrong person or one wrong decision can truly have a huge impact on the work, the company, and the team. Similarly, one right person can elevate and rapidly grow the environment you place them in. So it really is such a delicate process that needs to be carefully handled. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

When you see the team grow to its full potential and specifically the people that you work closely with. I have seen some team members grow over the years and reach their full potential and it’s so rewarding to see the growth and improvement of your co-workers and your team! 

What would you do if you and Hussam didn’t agree on something?

There are a lot of things Hussam and I disagree on, no two people can agree on everything all the time but the good thing about us both is that we challenge ourselves to be able to entertain each other’s points of view! If any of us has an idea we brainstorm and discuss the different implications of that idea or proposal. I also like the way Hussam presents a new idea he has a very modern and open way of approaching new things whereby we would be discussing the topic in a very non-biased way which allows us to come to a well thought final decision that is most beneficial to the company!   

What would you say is the most important aspect of a company’s culture? How do you maintain a healthy and happy work environment?

A lot of people mistake culture for an environment that’s “cool” or “fun” but actually what makes or breaks the company’s culture is the values that it’s built on. The more that a company grows the more important the values that it has been built on become because the more we grow the more people we have coming through our doors and we need to make sure that the values and fundamentals that Tamatem was built on remain. Our work ethic, the way we question things, the way we approach problems or issues, and the way we communicate with one another. This is all a part of the company’s culture and more importantly, the culture mirrors the values that all of Tamatem’s team takes very seriously. So in my point of view, to have a modern and relaxed working environment you need to have a working culture that is based on fundamental values that the company was founded on. That way, no matter how much you grow or how many more people come in you can maintain the culture and always go back to the compass of the ship when in doubt. Also, another super important part of a company’s culture is to make people see that this company is essentially theirs. It is the place that they spend most of their time in, and when they have a sense of ownership towards the company they automatically start to feel a responsibility towards it, a responsibility to keep it safe, healthy, and always growing. 

What is the greatest success/achievement you witnessed at Tamatem Games?

Honestly, the best success that tops everything is to see people growing at Tamatem! Your team turns into your family and seeing people progress, grow and develop is truly one of the most rewarding feelings you can get as a manager. We have become the regions leading mobile gaming company and that happened with the amazing team and talent that we have! We have bred superstar players and I am so proud of our team and the people behind Tamatem Games!

What do you think the MENA mobile games market is going to look like in the next 5 years?

The MENA mobile games market is the only market that stayed afloat and actually continued to grow this year! All the other markets (China & USA) had significant drops but MENA maintained. MENA on the whole is one of the fastest-growing markets, and MENA mobile games are especially growing and flourishing! There’s massive room to grow in the MENA mobile games market because it still hasn’t been saturated, there are only a few players in the industry and that means that the supply is still significantly less than the great demand that exists in mobile games. I think the market is going to continue to grow exponentially and in 5 years probably reach heights we never imagined! There’s a huge opportunity that lies in MENA mobile games and Arabic mobile games! With the rise of countries like Saudi Arabia and their heavy investment in the industry, sets the market on the global stage for growth and expansion. More than that, the industry itself is also expanding into different verticals like web3 and Play To Earn games! The MENA mobile games market is set for a massive boom and success in the near future and we are here for it!  

Tamatem Games Launches Beta for Brand New Social Game ‘Wanas’!

Tamatem Games the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic-speaking market launches a brand new social game Wanas! Wanas has been in the works for almost a year now and Tamatem Games is finally releasing it to the market! The game is made for people that are looking to socialize, connect, play and chat!

Social games have become extremely popular in the world of games in the past couple of years and especially in the MENA region. People are leaning more towards social mobile games as a way of communication and connection all the while playing their favorite games! 

With Wanas players will be able to meet new people, create chat rooms, share their opinions, discover new things, play the highly popular board game ludo, and expand their social network! Wanas is a community that is built for everyone and a place where anyone can create their very own world with people from all over the world! While making new friends users can also play the highly popular strategy board game, Ludo!

“Working on Wanas has been such a gratifying experience. Not many people understand or realize the importance of every little detail that goes into launching a game. From testing to design, everything counts and our team has done the impossible to make sure that Wanas is at the top of its game. I truly believe that Wanas will be a place of retreat and enjoyment for our users and more importantly it will serve as a community where everyone can have a seat at the table. We couldn’t be happier to present Wanas to the market!” Abdullah Bustami, Associate Product Manager at Tamatem Games. Tamatem is continuously expanding its efforts in the region to bring the best mobile games to the Arabic-speaking market!

The world of Wanas means so much to us! We have been moving at a lightning-fast pace, working daily to bring you the best mobile game entertainment and we are so ecstatic to announce the launch of what we believe is the biggest social mobile game in the market! We cannot wait for you to try it!

Are We Running Out Of Time or Just Wasting It

A survey showed that 47% of employees complained about meetings wasting their time at work (BOOQED). At Tamatem, we are always looking for ways to optimize our time for increased efficiency and productivity! If you haven’t heard of the latest meeting hack, let us tell you all about it!

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming in a long and dreadful meeting? For some reason the longer you sit in them the slower the time moves. Well, since you can’t really control that one guy that goes off on a 20-minute tangent and you begin to wonder whether it’s all even worth it. We discovered a hack that will keep you energized and engaged! Stand-up meetings!

It’s simple, stand-up meetings are the same as regular meetings, except you can’t really sit in them which automatically reduces their life span. A moderator leads the meeting, highlighting what will be covered and members then move on to sharing updates based on their importance and urgency. 

The process of publishing mobile games requires constant synergy and alignment between different departments at Tamatem Games! Once we onboard a game from a new developer, the game goes through different stages (departments) before its official launch in the market, so teams are regularly in contact with each other to make sure that the game is being carefully handled and properly launched into the Arabic-speaking market. Based on that and to keep things moving, we adopted standup meetings twice a week!

The focus of each meeting is to keep everyone on their feet while staying on topic with a time limit that doesn’t exceed 15 minutes! Every team member shares the highs and lows of their week, as well as what they hope to accomplish for the upcoming week with the moderator overseeing the conversation! 

After adopting this method and getting feedback, we found that most team members actually prefer 15-minute standup update meetings and considered them to be much more useful and efficient in the long run! Try it out! You might end up saving yourself the time you didn’t know was wasted! 

Author: Shaden Al Haj Mohammad

MENA: A Thriving Region With Lots of Support for The Games Industry 

Learn more about what makes the MENA region the fastest growing mobile games market today ahead of Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan this November

By Adriana Martinez, Marketing Executive

Did you know that the MENA region is expected to reach over $5 billion by 2025?

We’ve already discussed the predicted exponential growth of the blockchain market in the region, and we’ve given you a glimpse into the overall market outlook. Today, we’re taking a closer look at exactly how the MENA region has been supporting the flourishing community of gamemakers in the area, and how this incredible support is paving the way for this region to be the fastest growing games market in the world.

We have an unmissable chance to join us there this November, and you won’t want to miss out! We’re returning to Jordan this November 12th to 13th for two incredible days of networking and sharing cutting-edge insights right on the shore of the glorious Dead Sea, and over 700 games industry professionals from all over the globe will be in attendance. We’ll be hearing from over 100 world-renowned speakers on all the hottest topics facing the games industry today, and we’ll have a number of matchmaking opportunities lined up for you to meet your dream business partner. Currently, we even have an exclusive limited time deal to secure your spot at our Jordan conference with a special discount! Head over to our official website to book your ticket today and save hundreds with our Early Bird discount, instantly applied at checkout. The clock is ticking!

Keep on reading to learn about the opportunities for gamemakers in the MENA region!

A Thriving Gaming Market

Expected to reach $5 billion by 2025 and currently valued at $1.78 billion, the MENA region has established itself as a key growth region in the global video games industry.

This incredible growth is attributed to increased spending by current gamers, time spent in-game by users and surging advertising revenue according to a report by RedSeer. This is being linked back to a growing interest from consumers that are typically underserved in the region, spanning various demographics such as females and Gen X, as well as the overall gaming market boom provided by the pandemic over the past few years and the prevalent youth population in the area.

Today, the MENA region’s domestic market is the fastest growing in the world, touting over 377 million estimated players – this is almost as many gamers as all of Europe combined (386 million) and much more than America (210 million).

Investing in the MENA Region

Online gaming players in the Middle East are starting to get familiar with NFTs and tokens in gaming, and within a developed gaming industry, it’s becoming an increasingly irresistible opportunity for global gaming companies. Vorto Games, the gaming company behind crypto-based video game Hash Rush, is bringing a ‘play to earn’ model to the MENA region where gamers can generate real NFTs via playing the game. Speaking on the decision, chief strategy officer Warren Sample noted the massive opportunity to capitalise in this specific region. “There is a lot of innovation development that is happening in the region and when you add a youthful population with new ways to socially connect, we think there is a very good alignment with what we are talking about.”

Today, the MENA region’s domestic market is the fastest growing in the world, touting over 377 million estimated players – this is almost as many gamers as all of Europe combined (386 million) and much more than America (210 million).

Further, Crypto Gaming United, the premier play-to-earn league, is actively growing its presence in the MENA region to push blockchain, NFT, DeFi, DAO, fintech, crypto-mining and next generation Web development. This expansion is promoting actively embracing the metaverse as a valid career choice in developing countries. CGU co-founder Sergei Sergienko spoke on the league’s decision to pursue the ample business opportunities in the region. “We are happy to contribute to a meaningful discussion of trends and opportunities in the metaverse, given that our business is growing so rapidly in the MENA region.”

Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Gaming Group, our partners for the upcoming PG Connects Leaders Summit Riyadh, plans to invest $38.7 billion into the games industry, including a $13 billion acquisition of a leading (but unnamed) games publisher. This major investment will include $18.6 billion focused on financing a variety of “key companies” to acquire minority stakes in support game development, and $481 million is reserved for investments in esports companies and “industry disruptors to grow early-stage games”. A further $4.8 billion will be invested in “mature industry partners.”

Esports have been a major growth focus in the region as well. Activision recently partnered with the Saudi Telecom Company to introduce dedicated servers hosted in Riyadh and Jeddah for Call of Duty. Riot Games, the masterminds behind League of Legends, established Middle East servers for their game Valorant in October 2020 and Zain Group launched a new esports brand to hold a series of regional online esports tournaments. These are just a few of the examples of the increased presence of esports in the region.

Just this February, Saudi Arabian tech hub NEOM announced a joint venture with Dubai-based MBC Group to form the first AAA games development studio in the area to produce high-production-value games for local, regional and international gamers. Currently, all eyes and ears are shifting towards the MENA market, and the surging numbers of players due to the prevalent number of youth in the region and the pandemic is only emphasising the demand for more game creation in the region.

Opportunities for growth are sprouting everywhere from the games community and for the games community in this area. There’s more and more local development talent sprouting and creating for the local players, with Tamatem, one of Jordan’s leading developers that was founded just in 2013, now having a total value of over $80 million while specialising in localising internationally renowned games to suit Arabic-speaking users.

Government-Backed Support

Much of the anticipated growth is expected to also stem from the government support across games and esports in the region.

Governments in the MENA region are particularly supportive of the video games sector, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE having introduced policies to encourage game localisation, local game development, new studios and offices of international game companies and hosting major esports tournaments to encourage growth in the sector.

Governments in the MENA region are particularly supportive of the video games sector, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE having introduced policies to encourage game localisation, local game development, new studios and more.

There’s been an abundance of positive news regarding policies embracing the growth of the gaming sector in this region, with developments as recent as of September 15th about the HRH crown prince unveiling the National Gaming and Esports Strategy marking the beginning of a new era towards leading the gaming sector and making Saudi Arabia the global hub for this sector by 2030 through his Vision 2030 objectives. The statement highlighted that “The National Gaming and Esports Strategy is driven by the creativity and energy of our citizens and gamers, who are at the heart of the strategy. We are delivering on the ambitions of the gaming community in Saudi Arabia and around the world, with an exciting new career, and unique entertainment opportunities; aiming to make Saudi Arabia the ultimate global hub for this sector by 2030” and later goes on to describe the objectives of this strategy being to raise the quality of life through improvement of the player experience, providing new entertainment opportunities and achieving an economic impact to the gross domestic product directly and indirectly. This development is massive when it comes to acknowledging the increasing presence of the gaming industry in the region, and the region’s commitment to playing a key role in the global gaming arena.

Another recent development for e-gaming in the Saudi Arabian region is The Game Changers Initiative led by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, a programme offering apprenticeship training and aiding participants to finding jobs in the gaming sector and establishing startups.

Even in areas still in their infancy when it comes to game development such as Africa, there has been a recent explosion of opportunity for gaming talent. The recent launch of Africa Game Developers Association boasts members from over 18 African countries, and it’s a leading organisation in encouraging the notable talent in the region to further their careers.

Institutional support when it comes to expanding the gaming sector felt throughout this region is palpable, and it’s why there’s no question about the growing importance of keeping an eye on this region and establishing connections here. PG Connects Jordan presents a prime opportunity to do just that.

Jordan Will be Home to Over Two Million Mobile Gamers Within Five Years

The market continues to grow, and Jordan’s gaming leaders, including Tamatem and Maysalward, infuse games with Arabic culture

By Peggy Anne Salz, Mobile Groove – Founder, Analyst & Content Strategist

Jordan is no stranger to the worlds of technology and gaming. In fact, Jordan is the home of the very first gaming company in the region, Maysalward, which initially focused on helping Western gaming companies localize and repackage their games for the Arabic-speaking world and has since diversified into development.

Continuing in this fashion today is Tamatem, founded in Jordan in 2013. Tamatem is a distributor of mobile games and has partnerships with companies in the United States, China, France, South Korea, Bulgaria, and Croatia, converting existing games to Arabic and consulting on infusing them with Arabic culture. Tamatem recently announced a $5 million investment and strategic partnership with MSA Novo, the emerging markets investing arm of MSA Capital.

Maysalward was founded by Nour Khrais, who created the very first Arabic mobile game in 2004. Today, Khrais is still CEO, and Maysalward continues to thrive. One of the company’s titles, Dominoes Pro, has recorded over 50 million downloads across iOS and Android.

Khrais has watched the region’s entire gaming history and is excited about the growth underway today. With more and more game studios cropping up, the industry is starting to mature in Jordan and across the MENA region. “We are starting to see more ad-supported models take off,” says Khrais, “and nowadays, gaming is reaching equal footing – with radio and television – as a pillar of the advertising media market.”

Growing the Market

Looking ahead, Khrais (who also plays a key role in the Gaming Lab and the Jordan Gaming Task Force, among other initiatives) sees plenty of reasons for optimism. “5G is almost live in all major markets in MENA, the majority of residents are under 25 years old, and gaming is their primary form of entertainment,” says Khrais. 

The population is also increasingly financially empowered. “We are seeing more banks giving credit card access for young consumers,” Khrais adds.

It’s a combination that bodes well for the Jordanian gaming market. Mobile game revenue is expected to grow from $43.2 million generated by 1.76 million players in 2022 to $57.6 million generated by 2.1 million players by 2027, for annual revenue growth of 5.89% for the period. ARPPU for Jordan is expected to reach $24.49 in 2022.

Like its MENA neighbours, Jordan’s government and society are supporting the industry in a variety of ways. Jordan’s universities have made gaming and development an important part of curricula, and the industry’s professions are garnering increasing respect and success in society. Hussein bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan, himself attended the Gaming Summit in 2018 to witness the conversation about games industry growth in the country. 

Your Chance to Visit Amman Now

That’s why Jordan makes a logical host for our upcoming annual event, Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan 2022, two days of networking, learning, and presentations expected to be attended by over 700 gaming industry professionals from all over the globe.

As well as the conference (where it is still possible to win heavily subsidised tickets if you are an indie developer), it is possible to travel to Petra on Monday, 15th November, to see one of the true wonders of the world.

You can also join other global and MENA leaders two weeks later in Riyadh for our first Leaders Summit.

Don’t Work For Tamatem Games, Really Don’t  

Tamatem Games has been making headlines left right and center over the last couple of years and the reason why this Jordan-born startup has been dominating the news is not because of its funding rounds, or the fact that the creator of PUBG himself flew out from Korea to meet with the team but rather because this company is legitimately one of its kind and here’s why! 

1. Times Are Changing 

People are beginning to realize that the grey and dull 9 to 5 corporate life is not the best or most ideal way to live anymore. The region’s brightest minds are leaving massive corporations (without dropping any names) to come work for Tamatem. Times are changing and working at a corporation that sucks the life out of you is no longer the most optimal choice.

People are seeking fulfillment, searching for something that is less stagnant, more dynamic, and moving with the times. Working at a place that understands the human side of things is a core prerequisite. To be seen, recognized, and heard are fundamentals that cannot be overlooked anymore and Tamatem is all about promoting the whole and the self, pushing for growth beyond the salary and title. 

2. Being A Part Of Something Bigger

You won’t be working at a mobile gaming company. Well, yes you technically will be working at a mobile gaming company but you will also be a part of a movement and a revolution. Tamatem is not just a company that publishes mobile games in Arabic. It’s a grassroots movement transforming the MENA entertainment industry as we know it.

Tamatem is much more than its products and services. It is fundamentally and in so many ways the future. It is creating jobs all over the world, enhancing and introducing the mobile games industry to a region filled with young people eager to launch their careers. It’s pushing entrepreneurship and innovation for anyone looking to chase their dreams. It showcases the massive potential that exists in the Arab world. It’s a rumbling revolution that is breaking records and challenging the status quo, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? 

3. What You See Is What You Get 

As rare as it may seem today, what you see is truly what you get with Tamatem. If you stumbled across any of the leading publisher’s social media pages you probably wondered if any of it was actually real. The answer is yes, yes it is. Tamatem is spearheaded by a highly passionate, immensely devoted, and very unique group of people. From the second you set foot at Tamatem HQ you will immediately feel the energy of this marvelous beehive. Everyone is elated; working to serve the mothership and there’s this unbreakable in-explainable force that constantly drives the team to grow individually and collectively.

The team’s ability to make sure that everyone is welcomed unconditionally as a member of the family is mind-blowing. This is exceptional given how busy everyone really is. The industry is so extremely fast-paced and demanding. Being busy is an understatement, yet somehow everyone makes time for you. There’s a sense of unity that makes you shift from feeling like a complete stranger to a lifelong member of the band, with everyone drumming to the same beat. 

4. The Industry 

The MENA games market is expected to reach more than $5 billion by 2025. The numbers are on Tamatem’s side. With the arrival of the global pandemic, millions of people have turned to their phones for entertainment, specifically mobile games, and have been since hooked. The industry is growing at an exponential rate and Tamatem is growing with it.

Today, the MENA region’s market is the fastest growing in the world with over 377 million estimated players. This is almost as many gamers as all of Europe (386 million) and much more than the American market (210 million) Source: Pocket Gamer. Tamatem has been serving the MENA mobile games market way before people started realizing the massive potential of MENA mobile games. They essentially called it before everyone else did. Tamatem has over 50 published games with over 150 million game downloads and continues to grow every single day. 

In a nutshell and the most important thing to take away is don’t work for Tamatem Games, really don’t. 

Author: Elena Hinnawi

Tamatem Launches YouTube Mini-Series ‘Rabe Baloot’

Hey there, Tamatem fans! We’ve got news for you! 

If you thought VIP Baloot couldn’t get any better, it just did! We are so excited to officially introduce to you our latest YouTube mini-series Rabe Baloot! This mini-series is the perfect entertainment channel for all of our fans. Be prepared to get on the wildest adventures with our favorite Rabe Baloot character Khan

Rabe Baloot is a series that depicts the life of Khan, his relationship with his cat, and his love for the game Baloot! Saying that Khan is a VIP Baloot fanatic would be an understatement. Nothing is more important to him than the game of Baloot but for some reason life just keeps on getting in the way between him and his favorite game! 

Khan is a regular person just like you, only he finds himself in the strangest most peculiar situations. He moves through life with grace (or the lack thereof)  living day by day with the sole purpose of playing the fantastic game of Baloot. 

Khan doesn’t have much to say but soon enough you will find a friend in him. His presence is subtle but unmissable, he is a loyal man, knows what he wants, and doesn’t take life too seriously! Khan is also active on TikTok he loves getting on the latest trends and sharing his creativity!  

Khan is our favorite guy, and before you know it, he’ll be your favorite too! You can’t but fall in love with Khan as he juggles everyday life in this must-watch series. Trust us you wouldn’t want to miss the chronicles of Khan in our latest YouTube series Rabe Baloot! We can’t wait for you to watch it! 


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