What the Biggest Games Publisher in the Middle East Looks Like on the Inside

What the Biggest Games Publisher in the Middle East Looks Like on the Inside
January 18, 2021 Tamatem Inc.

Tucked away among a bunch of tech startups in KHBP, this hidden gem has set the standard for employers in Amman and the region. Tamatem was founded only seven years ago and businesses are yet to follow in the footsteps of this groundbreaking prodigy of a company. From its gorgeous two-story state of the art office to the buzzing positive energy of everyone that works there, Tamatem is the place to be. What makes this tomato the ripest in its bunch? Let’s start slicing.

The People

Tamatem is spearheaded by a highly passionate, immensely devoted, and very unique group of people. From the second you set foot you will immediately feel the energy of this marvelous beehive. Everyone is elated; working to serve the mothership and there’s this unbreakable in-explainable force that constantly drives the team to grow individually and collectively. Naturally, you might think that a newcomer would get lost amid the hustle and bustle of the hive. Well, you might just be wrong. The team’s ability to make sure that you are not only properly onboarded as a new employee, but rather welcomed unconditionally as a member of the family is mind-blowing. This is exceptional given how fast-paced and demanding the mobile gaming industry is. Being busy is an understatement, yet everyone somehow makes time for you. There’s a sense of unity that allows you to shift from feeling like a complete stranger to a lifelong member of the band, with everyone drumming to the same beat.

The Learning Curve

One of the biggest problems faced in the workforce today is the high level of turn-over in employment amongst millennials. This happens because the younger generation can easily get bored when the learning curve plateaus and things at the workplace start becoming repetitive and mundane. What’s amazing about Tamatem is that the learning essentially never stops given how malleable and fast-paced the mobile gaming industry is. You literally learn something new every day and there’s a constant hunger for knowing more. What you may learn elsewhere over the course of six months you learn at Tamatem in three. You are automatically a part of a dynamic world of information, technology and progression. Something that is extremely difficult to become routine. More so, the growth that you can foresee in your future as an individual at the company is massive. Your horizons expand, your career growth is put at the frontline and it is extremely difficult to not want to grab.

The Transparency

Last but not least is the transparency and style of management. The people that are driving the ship operate on a selection of core values and beliefs. One of the most prevalent pillars of Tamatem is transparency. The CEO and founder, Hussam Hammo puts integrity at the forefront; everything is on the table. This management style is not something common in the business world and certainly not with startups. Hussam made sure to break the norm and change the game, we work in radical transparency with all dealings of the organization, making sure those invested know exactly what goes on inside. This extremely refreshing and nuanced way of business allows the team to recognize that all the work that’s being put in can be seen on both a quantitative and qualitative level. The most important thing away is how emotionally and fundamentally invested the team is in lifting this company, allowing it to reach its maximum potential; something so absolutely fulfilling to be a part of.