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What is the business model behind publishing?

We will handle localization and marketing for your game. In exchange we take a revenue share from the Arabic version we launch.

Will I retain my IP after publishing the game with Tamatem?

Yes, you will retain full ownership of your IP. We will not ask for access to your source code at any point.

What platforms are you interested in?

We focus on iOS and Android platforms only.

How do we get our game published by Tamatem?

Our team handpicks games that are relevant to the Arabic market. The team has extensive experience in different areas and all of them are veteran gamers. After reviewing your game, we run market research through our existing user base. Before we decide to publish your game we conduct several tests to assure that it is fit for the market.

What genres are Tamatem interested in publishing?

We focus on casual social games to mid-core titles. Tamatem has a wide experience in multiple genres like:

Racing/ Drifting games
Strategy games
Builder games
Hidden object games
Card games
Other genres

What services does Tamatem provide as a publisher?

We provide the following services for game developers:

Localize text, images, sounds and music
Provide monetization help by selecting the tools that work best in the region
Marketing the game in the MENA region and making sure it reaches the top of the charts

How big is the Arabic market?

Arabic is the fourth largest language in the world, yet less than 1% of content is available in Arabic. The MENA’s market size is around $680M and the number is expected to reach $2.3B in 2022. There are over 70M Arabic smart phone users and the number is expected to reach more than 100M in the next few years.

Can we still publish the game in different languages?

Yes, we focus on the Arabic language. You can publish your game in any other language except for Arabic.

Which countries do you publish the game?

We launch globally, targeting Arabic speaking users only.