How Publishers Help Mobile Game Developers Succeed?

How Publishers Help Mobile Game Developers Succeed?
February 7, 2018 David Mel

How Publishers Help Mobile Game Developers Succeed?

Written by: Simon Batt

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for game developers to publish their own games. Now that developers have all the control to publish their games to the public, what’s the point of having a publisher anymore? In truth, publishers can be a great help to independent developers. While self-publishing means you have control over every aspect, it also means you have a responsibility over every aspect too. This can sometimes be too much for a developer to handle by themselves! Let’s take a look at some ways that publishers can help small developers.

For one, if you want to bring the game into another foreign market, you’ll need to get it ready for your target audience. Finding a decent and loyal translator can be tricky. Finding someone who can localize the game to make it indistinguishable from natively-developed games is even trickier. A good publisher will have a solid localization team on-hand who can tailor the game to make it culturally relevant to the market you’re targeting.

Once the game is ready to be launched, the next question is; how should it be launched? Marketing and advertising is crucial to stop your game from being just another game on the app store. When it comes to releasing a game in a foreign country, the sales tactics that work in your native country might not work on your target audience. The marketing and advertising has to be carefully crafted to suit the people who will see them. A good publisher will know what ‘clicks’ with this audience and make an ad campaign that drives attention to your game.

Once your game is out there, you’ll be getting a lot of user feedback. This will be a mix of positive comments, constructive criticism, and bug reports you can use to improve your game. Small development teams may find these comments overwhelming, and struggle to find out what needs to be changed and what doesn’t. This is especially true if the game is published in a foreign market, as all the comments won’t be in your native language! Not only will good publishers handle this feedback from users, but they can also supply a support forum where users can get their voices heard.

As you can see, while self-publishing is definitely a valid route that developers can take, it’s not the only one. A good publisher by your side will handle all the fine details. Not only that, but they’ll do so with plenty of experience and market research under their belt, meaning you can be rest assured you’re getting the best possible service.

Releasing a game is pretty stressful, so working with a publisher like Tamatem is your best option. Simply getting the game onto the store is just a start; marketing the game, tracking analytics, and making sure everyone is happy and content can eat into time that could be spent working on your next big game.

If the weight of launching a game is too much to bear, consider submitting your game to Tamatem to take the load off of your shoulders. Get back to doing what you do best; we’ll handle all the rest for you!