How the MENA Market Is Entering the Gaming Scene?

How the MENA Market Is Entering the Gaming Scene?
June 26, 2018 David Mel

How the MENA Market Is Entering the Gaming Scene?

Written by: Simon Batt

With the MENA market being a booming scene for mobile games right now, it’s only natural that the rest of the gaming world to notice how much it’s actually growing . Unfortunately, not much news comes down the Western grapevine on just how much the MENA region is embracing video games in their daily lives. Let’s take a look at some of the developments of the gaming world within the MENA region and what it means for their gaming scene as a whole.

1. Dubai Develops Esports Stadium

With esports becoming a huge market worldwide, countries everywhere are developing the means to host esports events to bring the hobby to life within their homeland. Dubai is currently in the process of developing their own esports stadium worth approximately $99 billion to host their own. With a reported 18% of MENA residents being gamers, hopes are high that the stadium will see a lot of play as a result.

 “I’m really excited to see what this project will bring about,” said Bradley Ishmail, who enjoys gaming himself. “Having a dedicated space for eSports is a huge step to getting big name companies to host events here. My main hope for this venture is that it will attract major eSports leagues too like Riots “LCS” or Blizzards “OWL” to open MENA branches. I’m excited to see the region grow as far as gaming is concerned.”

2. PocketGamer Opens Arabic Version of Site

The popular gaming site PocketGamer has opened up a site to bring its journalism to the MENA market. The site itself is based in Jordan and was developed in response to the growth of gaming in the area. CEO of Steel Media Chris James said the following in their announcement post:

 “We’ve been visiting the Middle East and Jordan in particular a fair amount in the last few years, holding our first MENA Big Indie Pitch last October, and am super excited about the potential for the games industry there.”

 “Not only did the region represented the world’s fastest revenue growth in the last twelve months (according to NewZoo reports), but there’s a real groundswell of talented studios coming through,” He added.

3. Dell Launches “Ready to Game ME”

In a move to help unite players in the Middle East, Dell have launched an online service called Ready to Game ME. This aims to be a one-stop hub for gaming news, as well as a place for the community to get together to discuss games and share events. To help get things started, Dell have announced their own tournament called “Battle of Cafes DOTA 2 Middle East Gaming Championship”, which aims to bring players together to compete in LAN cafes over DOTA 2 for a shot at a $10,000 prize pot.

 As you can see, gaming is truly taking off within the MENA market. Industry giants are taking note of this budding scene and are keen to get in on the ground floor of what’s shaping up to be a cultural gamer hub. Why not get in on the fun yourself? Submit a mobile game to Tamatem and we’ll help you publish it within the MENA market; just in time for when the gaming scene really takes off!