How To Get A Job in Mobile Gaming?

How To Get A Job in Mobile Gaming?
January 17, 2018 David Mel

How To Get A Job in Mobile Gaming?

Playing games and getting paid for it is a dream for any gamer, people never thought they’d see the day when gamers get paid more than bankers! The mobile gaming industry is one of the most exciting and creative to be in, but at the end of the day it’s not about playing games all day, it’s serious business with huge potential.

If you’re passionate about games and don’t know how to write a line of code, there are several departments to work in, marketing, QA, monetization, community management, HR and even public relations. All you need to break into this industry is a foot in the door and here’s how:

Know Your Games

Many people play games. Console, PC or mobile, it doesn’t matter which is you favorite but you need to know the difference between console games and mobile games. You really need to dig deep and know the difference between Role Playing Games (RPG), Simulation Live Games (SLG), casual and trivia because it makes a difference when you go into an interview. If you’re applying as a developer, marketer or even designer you need to know your games because it’s crucial to show your passion for games to enter the market.

Get Qualified

If you’re serious about getting into this industry, getting qualified is a must. Depending on your career path your qualifications in certain basic software’s like Photoshop, Maya, Unity 3D or UnReal will say a lot. Even if you want to get into the marketing side of games, you need to know how to market them. There are thousands of online sources that can help you learn about getting a game into the market, App Store Optimization and even monetizing. If you’re a developer or designer you need to build a strong portfolio to impress gaming executives.


The gaming industry is a pretty small community, everybody knows everybody and no matter who competes with whom there are no hard feelings. Nowadays finding these communities is a mouse click away, do your research, attend developer meetings and talks. Mingle with these people so you can get a better perspective of the gaming scene in your country.

Continuous Learning

Learning Unity 3D and putting it on your resume isn’t enough! The world of games is in a state of constant change and you need stay up-to-date, or else you don’t have a chance. You can watch hundreds of tutorials and talks online to keep yourself up to date. This especially works in non-developer roles where you need to demonstrate your business understanding and your interest in games like product management or monetization roles.

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