How to Market Your Mobile Game Without Breaking the Bank

How to Market Your Mobile Game Without Breaking the Bank
March 7, 2018 David Mel

How to Market Your Mobile Game Without Breaking the Bank

Written by: Simon Batt

Let’s say you have a mobile game developed and ready to go. You want to get it into as many player’s hands as possible, but you’ll also be competing with other people who have the same goal. There are some big contenders in the mobile gaming world, with vast budgets and the ability to quickly develop and publish games en masse. In the face of this, how can your game get itself into the hands of your target audience? The solution is quite simple; advertise the game!

When you think of game advertisements, your mind may immediately go to TV spots and billboards next to roads. However, in this digital age, it’s possible to place adverts in media channels which the target audience visits. This means the people most interested in your game are the ones that see your advertisements the most, and as a result, ends up with more people clicking the advert and playing your game.

The question is; what media channels are your target audience watching? In this modern day of entertainment, consumers are more attracted to people rather than companies. Gaming is full of personalities with their giant followings, from YouTube lets players to video game content creators posting on Twitter. These make for great avenues for advertising a game through what’s called ‘influencer marketing’ – putting the marketing on a relatable person rather than toward an audience as a whole.

 In the Western market, there are plenty of these personalities to be advertised through. Popular ‘lets players’ such as PewDiePie and Markiplier bring in thousands, if not millions, of views per video. By putting a game in their hands and letting them make a video about it, a developer can get their game in front of thousands of potential gamers in a concentrated ad campaign for very little work.

This is all well and good in the West, where these sorts of personalities have a vast player base and have managers that can handle the advertising contracts for them. The Arab market does have its own personalities which get millions of views on their videos, but it’s much more independent; the content creators have to sort all the contracts themselves while having no experience with managing this area of business.

Working with influencers in the Arab region is still considered a lot cheaper than other parts of the world, they have thousands (and some even millions) but for almost half the prices of other influencers.

Another potential avenue is advertising the game on sites the target audience visits regularly. Gaming spans a wide range of levels, from the hardcore gamer with years of experience to the mother who enjoys a quick 10-minute game while waiting to pick their children up from school. Which one of these two audiences do you think your game’s genre would suit? Once you’ve answered this, you can target the media channels that audience uses.

For instance, if you have an in-depth game such as an MMO or strategy game, you can aim your adverts where hardcore players like to go. This audience is more likely to look up gaming-related videos on YouTube, making this site a good avenue for adverts. These gamers may visit websites for fan discussion or game guides, which are also key targets.

Casual gamers, however, may enjoy puzzle, card, and ‘item hunting’ games more. This audience will be more drawn to sites such as Snapchat and Twitter, so these are prime targets for less hardcore games. In fact, with Saudi Arabia being a top user of Twitter, casual games would see a lot of love here!