Jordanian mobile games publisher Tamatem raises $2.5 million

Jordanian mobile games publisher Tamatem raises $2.5 million
February 6, 2018 David Mel

This article was featured on on 5 February, 2018. Written by Craig Chapple.

Jordanian mobile games publisher Tamatem has raised $2.5 million in a Series A investment round.

The funding will be used to expand that company’s operations and localise mobile titles for the Middle East and North Africa markets.

Tamatem hopes to also close bigger deals for “better hardcore games” as it looks to grow its market share. To date the company has published over 40 games in the region and has garnered 45 million downloads across its portfolio.

The investment was led by Wamda Capital, Discovery Nusantava Capital, Raed Ventures and Vision Venture Capital.

Underserved market

“We at Tamatem have been working and partnering with some of best developers and studios in the world, to bring the highest quality games possible to the region,” said Tamatem CEO Hussam Hammo.

“This investment will help us localise better mobile games and will also allow us dig deeper into the Arab gaming market.”

According to Strategy&, the MENA mobile games market is set to grow to $2.3 billion in 2022 – triple its current value.

Tamatem said that despite this the sector is still underserved, claiming that less than one per cent of games on app stores are in Arabic.