One choice can change the course of the entire story, so choose wisely!

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This interactive storytelling game (اسرار البنات | اختاري مصيرك) allows you to make your own decisions and impact the story with your choices. Whether you enjoy drama, romance, comedy, or fantasy, you are the one that gets to control what happens next.

Game Features:

  • Choose a story and let the entertainment begin!
  • The choice of genre and story is entirely yours, but the fun is guaranteed!
  • The library offers a variety of fun stories!
  • Make important decisions and change the narrative.
  • In this fun interactive game, you can choose your own path and change the course of the story.

Details & Information:

  • Platforms iOS & Android
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: Nanobit
  • Seller: Tamatem Inc.

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