Crush your enemies!

تحدي الملوك

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Do you wanna fight with your friends on a Global battlefield? Are you adept at defense or attack? Can you use the few to defeat the many? Can you bring your empire to come to fight with your wisdom?

Join (تحدي الملوك | حرب السلاطين) to discover more surprises!

Game Features:

  • Alexander! Genghis Khan! Caesar! Joan of Arc! Go to the Hero Hall to recruit world-famous generals.
  • Assign workmen according to actual needs to speed up the process of resource production, castle upgrade, technology research, force training, and more!
  • Choose a suitable strategy and get flexible use of Hideout Cave to win the battle!
  • Build your own empire, develop civilization, train an army, kill monsters, rally your allies to capture territory, defeat the enemies from all over the world, seize the throne, fight for glory!

Details & Information:

  • Platforms: iOS & Android
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: LEME Games
  • Seller: Tamatem Inc.

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