Studio Spotlight: Casualino

Studio Spotlight: Casualino
November 9, 2017 David Mel

To kick off the first post from Tamatem’s Spotlight series, we talked to our star studio Casualino. The Bulgarian game developers are the masterminds behind some of Tamatem’s biggest hits; VIP Balot & VIP Tarneeb

T: Can you tell us a little about yourself & Casualino?

IY: My name is Iskren and I’m the CMO of Casualino JSC. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing especially in the gaming field I’m currently part of Zariba Group where I have been managing the marketing department for over 9 years now as well as, managing the marketing team at Casualino (a subsidiary company to Zariba) for 4 years now.

Casualino is a game development studio, formed by a team of young, hardworking and creative professionals. We combine the newest software solutions to give the highest quality and the best user experience out there. Our aim is not only to make innovative multi-platform games, but to create a place where users can interact, find friends and have fun.

T: Has Casualino ever thought about entering the MENA market before?

IY: From the beginning of the project we knew how big opportunities are in the MENA market. We were looking for the best partner with a great track record in publishing games in the Arab region and we found Tamatem! That was and still is the best partnership we have at Casualino. Our expectations for the region have been justified and the best proof is the financial performance that we have achieved through our partnership.

T: How did entering the MENA market help Casualino grow as a company?

IY: After the big investment we made for the first two years it was very important for us as a company to find a way to grow our business as fast as we can and in one year we became a market leader in Bulgaria. Our next focus was France where we achieved amazing results and we are currently in top 3 for the card game Belote.

After we started the partnership with Tamatem I was  personally impressed how interesting the MENA users are, the mentality of the people and our players and the user database was growing really fast. That’s why we decided to develop more games for that market and give more priority to our partnership with Tamatem.

T: What were some of the major changes you & your team had to do for localize VIP Baloot?

IY: Arab users are really social and very competitive! Everything is competition for them; who has the biggest wallet, who’s name is on the top of the leaderboard, who has the most popular profile and a lot of really cool things. We altered a lot of the required features and the social aspect of the game is better integrated into the game platform. And yes…it was very funny o develop the game in Arabic and to have all texts from right to left 😀

T: What has been your favorite project with Tamatem so far?

IY: VIP Baloot for sure! The first successful game we did together. We really love our newest game VIP Tawla and we’re excited to release a few new titles with Tamatem soon. For 2018 we are preparing a really big surprise for our players…but I’ll not give anymore info for now.

T: What kind of games do you enjoy playing?

IY: Social games and I love to play card games!

T: What’s a typical day for you?

IY: A lot of meetings, calls and messages with Tamatem. Working acquiring new users and discussing the new design of VIP Baloot and the upcoming features with the team as well as, drinking tons of coffee of course!

T: Any advice for any developers looking to enter the MENA market?

IY: We are sure that nobody can succeed in that market without the right partner. It’s a pretty difficult which could be a waste of a lot of time, money and resources, so it’s risky.