Tamatem CEO to Speak at Games Forum London

Tamatem CEO to Speak at Games Forum London
January 8, 2018 David Mel

Tamatem’s CEO & founder Hussam Hammo will be speaking at Games Forum in London on 24 Jan, 2018. Game Forum joins some of the biggest players in the gaming industry worldwide. More than 500 representative from the PC, console and mobile games business for two full days of talks, meetings and socializing in the heart of London.

Hammo will be joining a Fireside Chat with gaming industry journalist Monty Munford, to discuss the potential of the MENA market’s mobile gaming industry, how to enter the market with the right publisher, how much is the market really worth, gaming trends, user acquisition and why has the MENA region’s gaming industry seen a huge boom over the past few years. The talk will take place on the first day of Games Forum (24 Jan, 2018) at the County Suite Two at 15.40.

To arrange a meeting, email Hussam or Jawanna.

About Tamatem:

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA market. We partner with international studios and developers, take their games, localize them and make them culturally relevant for the Arabic gamer.