Tamatem Interviews Jure from Nanobit

Tamatem Interviews Jure from Nanobit
September 2, 2020 Tamatem Inc.

Earlier this year, Tamatem signed a strategic partnership with Nanobit, a world-class game developer based in Zagreb, Croatia, to localize and launch one of the most popular international hits in mobile games, the Hollywood Story into Arabic. Gamers across the MENA region loved the game and became addicted to it. Tamatem interviewed Jure Rasic, head of games at Nanobit to talk more about their experience with Tamatem and the Arabic market:

How was your partnership with Tamatem on releasing Fashion Queen in the MENA region?

We are very glad to have partnered with Tamatem. This partnership opened up ways for us to take the ‘’Hollywood Story’’ to the MENA region and reach Arab gamers – who have already been playing the game even before the localisation. Now, they are enjoying the full experience the game brings in their own language, with a tailored context to fit the cultural specificities of the region.

How did you find the process of localisation with Tamatem?

The whole process of localisation went really smooth. We worked side-by-side to make sure the localised version of the ‘’Hollywood story’’ is appealing to the Arab audience across the MENA region. From the very beginning of our partnership we dedicated teams from both sides to closely work together on every aspect of the game, such as redesigning the cities and adapting their names along with the characters names…etc.  The localisation process went beyond the Arabic language adaptation to create a content and story telling that is culturally relevant and appealing to the Arab audience. This would not be possible without the expertise Tamatem brought to the table.

Despite the geographical distance, the collaboration in between our teams has been excellent. We worked as one team with one mission, to publish the Fashion Queen game and offer gamers across the MENA region the opportunity to immerse in a glamourous experience.

How did you find the process of working with the Tamatem team? The level of professionalism and job knowledge?

Tamatem has a proven track record of publishing games in the Arab market and most importantly, it has the know-how! The entire team is highly professional with an extensive knowledge of the market and audience which made our collaboration productive, and rather enriching. We had indeed great brainstorming sessions, during which the Tamatem team inspired us to create new adapted features. The Nanobit team was impressed by the level of research Tamatem made to tackle every detail throughout the localisation process and tailor the context to fit the Arab audience.

The communication in between our teams was constructive and structured which helped us all to shortly get to the point. In short, we easily found a common ground that paved the way to a prosperous collaboration.

At the end of the localisation process comes the kick-off of “Fashion Queen”, which was the highlight of this team cooperation as we eventually had to travel to Jordan and get to see the beautiful city of Amman.

Did the game, fashion Queen, meet your expectations in terms of downloads and revenues in the MENA region?

Yes, it has definitely met our expectations. In just a few months from its release, Fashion Queen has reached over 1.5 million downloads and this is just the beginning! We have a lot of new features on our roadmap, on which our teams are still working. We are delighted that our joint efforts have led to such great results.

Any takeaways? Or anything you would like to share on the partnership with Tamatem?

The partnership has truly been an enriching experience; we have been sharing tips and best practices. It is more than just the localisation and publishing of games, it is a full cooperation, collaboration and knowledge sharing between our two companies.

Together, and through this partnership, we are looking forward to hitting new records in the MENA region with new super-fun games especially adapted for Arab gamers.

Will you consider Tamatem for future partnerships to launch your games in the MENA region?

Our partnership is ongoing, and we have big plans awaiting our Arab gamers. We are currently working on new games, which we will reveal soon! So, I call on our Arab gamers to stay tuned for our upcoming new games and exciting experiences!