Tamatem is still hiring- Join the team!

Tamatem is still hiring- Join the team!
May 7, 2020 Tamatem Inc.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the workplace right now, some companies stopped hiring, others are laying off employees, and others are uncertain about whether they should hire or not. This is affecting everyone looking for a job, and the economy as a whole!

But, this is not the end, some companies, including Tamatem are still hiring, more than ever. We are still looking for top talents in different fields to join our passionate team. COVID-19 will not stop us and the future is still there for us to excel and provide opportunities for people who are looking for jobs. 

Tamatem so far hired more than 8 new team members during these hard times in different roles, they were provided with virtual onboarding, they had the chance to meet the team and start their work smoothly. We have reworked our process to achieve a seamless virtual recruitment experience.

“My experience with my virtual onboarding at Tamatem has been nothing short of exceptional. I started my first day with very high expectations due to the Tamatem’s reputation of having an excellent work culture, but I was quickly blown away by how smooth the process went and by the support I received from my manager and team!” – Hashem Ashour- Data Analyst at Tamatem

Whether you are looking for a job, lost your job during this time, or would like to explore the gaming industry, please, Check out all our openings on our careers page: https://bit.ly/2QMYdzL