VIP Tarneeb is now VIP Jalsat

VIP Tarneeb is now VIP Jalsat
July 15, 2019 Tamatem Inc.

Tamatem Games has great news! After 2 years of success in building the greatest Tarneeb game in the world, we are converting VIP طرنيب to VIP جلسات, an all new multi game platform containing all your favourites, including Tarneeb, Ludo, Trix, Sheesh, Hearts and more.

VIP جلسات will have all the features you used to love in VIP طرنيب including multiplayer game-play, VIP rooms, chat, friends, leader boards and in addition, a whole new set of features have been added.

You have asked for a long time for the ability to spectate your friends’ games, it is finally here! You will also be able to invite your friends directly into your VIP room.

We are excited to launch VIP Jalsat this week and cannot wait to continue serving our community with the best games in the Arabic speaking world.