Why And How To Build A Social Community Around Your Mobile Game

Why And How To Build A Social Community Around Your Mobile Game
November 21, 2021 Tamatem Inc.
Why And How To Build A Social Community Around Your Mobile Game

Today, mobile gaming is more social than ever before. The experience of playing a mobile game is no longer an isolated interaction between player and device; it comes with a broader sense of community. 


Keeping the social aspect of a mobile game in mind right from the start is becoming increasingly important for developers and publishers. This blog post will explain why it’s imperative to build a social community around your mobile game and how you can do so. Here are some top reasons why you should build a social community around your mobile game: 


Direct Communication with Players


A social community is the best way to get the most direct, honest feedback from players. Not only will you be able to communicate openly with players, but you’ll also be able to tap into their opinions, insights, and behaviors, and apply those learnings to the gaming experience. 


Informal Customer Support


Being able to communicate with players you the opportunity to provide them with unmatched customer support. You can respond to customers in real-time and help them through any issues they might be having. Your social community will let you know if there are any recurring technical issues, so you’ll always be in the know about major issues in the game.


Effective Marketing Opportunities


Your social community can be utilized as an effective marketing avenue that has high performance at a low cost. You can leverage the power of your social community to promote new releases, offers, or updates by providing exclusive info, promo codes, etc.. and running targeted ads


Growth Beyond the Game


Having a community gives you the power to grow beyond your mobile game and launch new platforms. Building a strong social community allows you to break the fourth wall and expand your reach beyond the infrastructure of the game itself.


Access to a Focus Group


Your mobile game’s social community can be the perfect focus group. You can tap into the community to explore potential new features, get user-centered feedback, carry out testing and surveys, and so on.


How to Build a Social Community Around Your Mobile Game




Create a blog where you can publish content that relates to your game, your market, and your audience. A blog is a perfect place to expand on topics that are relevant to your players or to other game developers – this is where you can provide players with added value that transcends the game itself. Also, the blog’s comment section is a great channel to connect with readers. 


Social Channels


Create social accounts dedicated to your mobile game on different social media platforms. The unique thing about leveraging social channels is that each one lets you share content differently. For example, you can use YouTube to publish gameplay recordings while using Instagram to post about game news and updates, and TikTok to promote game-related challenges and share user-generated content. You can communicate with users via comments and DMs, making social media more than just a one-way content-sharing avenue for you.


In-person Events


Plan in-person events where you can meet players and players can meet each other. This can also be an opportunity to meet with developers and people who are active in the gaming community. Your event can also be a great place to scout new hires or explore different expansion opportunities. 




Building out a forum for your mobile game is a no-brainer – this is where different communities within your mobile game audience can connect with each other and communicate on a more regular basis. You can also grow a presence on sites like Reddit and Quora, where you can answer relevant questions and share your expertise.


Virtual Meet-Ups


Organize regular virtually-facilitated meet-ups over Zoom, where different members of your mobile game community can meet and interact with each other.


Building a social community around your mobile game can be extremely beneficial in different ways, but that’s not to say that it can be done easily. It takes lots of time, effort, and planning, and it shouldn’t be approached as an afterthought. 


Publishing your mobile game is a process that takes your social community and social efforts into account right from the start. Work with Tamatem Games to implement a publishing strategy that can cultivate a social community around your mobile game.