Life at Tamatem

We view culture differently, we believe in nurturing and fostering the skills of our employees.
It’s about working hand-in-hand with different people to create one team. A team that will take
pride and celebrate the wins, and learn and build on mistakes together.

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Continuous Learning

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Transparency & Honesty

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Strive for Excellence

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Company Activities

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Everyone’s Input Matters

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Friendly & Fun

Tamatem rewards brilliant, ambitious and fun-loving people.
We take our work seriously. But ourselves?
Well…that’s debatable!


Community Manager
Has to love and play games

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Amman, Jordan

Job Description
Your Role: You will be working within a large team, including community managers, and game managers. You will be the main link between the Tamatem community and Tamatem and will act as the “admin” of Tamatem as well as ensuring that the Social Media and Community strategy is implemented across Tamatem’s interactive games. You will be responsible for building, engaging and maintaining the fan-base of the games created by Tamatem’s partner studio.

Your Main Responsibilities:

  • Act as Social Media & Community Expert with the Product Manager
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way
  • Manage social interactions with users using chat services in the games
  • Monitor discussions on all channels: social media channels & store
  • Managing the admin panel, tickets and any problems users may face
  • Manage social media & community on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram