Our Culture

Our culture is the beating heart that sets us apart. It is empowering and nurturing and the reason why we blossom and grow! Scroll down to find out the secret behind what makes our tomatoes so strong and ripe!

Who we Are

We are a curious, hard-working, and energetic group ready to take over the world. You will quickly discover that the beating heart of Tamatem is the dedicated team of exceptional people working tirelessly to simply be the best. Our can-do attitude, integrity, and desire for excellence define who we are and where we want to be.

Our Values


Transparency and sincerity in everything we do. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and shoot straight.


Empathy and inclusivity. No one stands alone, always making sure to be kind to one another.


Our hunger for knowledge and information is endless. Learning is infinite and we are infinitely curious.


Empowering each other and ourselves to speak up and make a difference.


We move with purpose and strive for excellence.


We walk the walk and talk the talk dedicating ourselves to our growth and commit to our success.

Growing Together

Our culture is all about empowering one another to be the best version of ourselves. From our knowledge-sharing sessions to our monthly mental health talks, you will find that there is always an opportunity for you to learn something new, meet someone new and grow both personally and professionally. We prioritize the human side of things and push for collective and conscious growth to lead truly outstanding and prosperous lives.

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Work Hard Play Hard

As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true! Life at Tamatem is young, moving and alive. There’s always a reason to celebrate both work and play! Team building activities, mobile game events, pottery class, weekly tomato hour whatever it is we are there! We seize the day and are the first to jump on an opportunity! Nothing stands in the way of our Carpe Diem and commitment to living life to the fullest.


Isn’t it?