About Us

About Tamatem

Who are we?

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher
in the MENA market. Tamatem works hand-in-hand with international studios and developers, to localize and make their games culturally
relevant for the Arab gamer.


What do we look for?

We focus on publishing racing, drifting,
MMO-RPG, strategy, puzzle and word and trivia games.


our secret sauce

Our experience in localization, user acquisition, distribution
cross-promotion, monetization, community, support and whales management we can help get your game on the top of charts, increase revenue and ensure its success in the Arabic market. Whether you are looking to publish a newly successful international game or trying to revive
an old hit title, Tamatem is your best partner.


where are we?

Tamatem’s HQ is in Amman, Jordan.