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The Design Team works on visual content to perfect the look and feel of the game. User Interface, User Experience, Social Media Campaigns, In-Game Content, and App Store Optimization all go through design. This team is at the core of our localization process and makes sure that both our products and brand are displayed flawlessly.


The Marketing team is responsible for ensuring that once the product is localized, it is released to the highest standard in the market. User Acquisition, Growth Marketing, Ad Monetization, and Brand Awareness are only a few of the many functions of the department to guarantee that our brand and games are fully seen and exceptionally presented.


The Products team makes sure that our games are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our users. Products work closely with Data Analytics, Marketing, Support, and Development to fully ensure the successful execution of the game in the market. Whether overseeing localization or managing a campaign, the team works to optimize and enhance the entire user and game experience from start to finish.

Data Analytics

The Data team collects and interprets metrics on campaigns, game performance, monetization methods, and in-game economies. The team tracks, reports and analyzes systematically collected information to guarantee data-driven decision-making. Data Science and Analytics are at the core of publishing successful mobile games.

Creatives & Social Media

The Creatives & Social Media team generate engaging content for our games and brand. This department works very closely with marketing to produce campaign ideas and visuals for our products. The creativity behind all our marketing campaigns comes from this department. Whether it’s an Instagram reel, a video game tutorial, or launching an online event, this team is the colorful machine behind it all.

Community Support

The Community Support team handles technical issues and user feedback. This team works around the clock to ensure that everything is running smoothly for our users. Direct chat services, live events, VIP management, and sales are also functions of the community support team to guarantee the highest satisfaction levels.

Localization & Translation

The Localization team is the powerhouse that works to translate and localize all in-game content. This team is at the forefront of our publishing process. It makes sure that our games are accurately translated and properly presented to fit the needs of the Arabic language and culture.


The Growth Team is in charge of executing our company strategy. This team ensures that our growth processes are implemented. Growth at Tamatem involves building and maintaining partnerships with developers and investors, carrying out market expansion, and expanding customer and brand reach.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team verifies the quality of our products so that all our games operate at the highest standard. The main functions of this department involve analyzing and reporting technical issues, testing user interface, testing localization quality and managing troubleshoot issues.


The Recruitment Team manages the entire recruitment cycle by sourcing, screening, assessing, interviewing, and hiring talent. Recruitment makes sure that the hiring process is seamless and pleasant to both the candidates and managers.


The Finance Team is responsible for the day-to-day recording, analysis, and interpretation of Tamatem’s financial transactions. They also manage the whole company’s cash flow, prepare budgets and forecasts, and assess the financial standing of the company.

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Awards & Recognition

Startup Istanbul 2019 2nd Scaleup

Best Publisher Award 2024

Etihad Bank Best Jordanian SME 2017

EY entrepreneur of the year in 2017

Arabian Business Startup Award 2019

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