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Why THE Arab Market

1% of Arabic Content Available

Even with the many titles we have launched over the years, Arabic content is still very scarce and especially Arabic mobile games. Opportunities are extremely high in this very unsaturated market.

$2.4 Billion Market Value

MENA mobile games is valued at $2.4 Billion and with very little competition in the region. We’ll let you do the math.

4th Most Spoken Language

Arabic is the 4th most spoken language in the world, a massive population of Arabic speakers craving to be entertained with their own language and culture.

400+ Million Smartphone Users

The region is flooded with smartphone users that spend an average of 7 hours a day on their phones.

Highest ARPPU in the world

8x higher than China to be exact! In-app purchases reach record numbers in this Oasis of high spending users.

Fastest growing market

MENA is leading in mobile games market with 25% YoY growth, expanding a full quarter every single year!

The Market Opportunity

MENA is the fastest growing and most promising market to launch and grow your mobile game. 400 Million Arabic speakers, a 25% year-over-year growth, and hardly any existing relatable content, the region is set for the perfect takeover. More so, Saudi Arabia, one of the most lucrative countries in the area, has the highest average revenue per paying user in the world (8x higher than China!). In a nutshell, and to cut down the technical lingo, MENA is an oasis of high spending gamers craving to be entertained in their language and culture. So what are you waiting for?

Let the Numbers Talk

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Awards & Recognition

Startup Istanbul 2019 2nd Scaleup

Best Publisher Award 2024

Etihad Bank Best Jordanian SME 2017

EY entrepreneur of the year in 2017

Arabian Business Startup Award 2019

What we offer


Graphic Design and 3D Animation to enhance in-game visuals and amplify user experience


User Acquisition, Growth Marketing and Ad Monetization efforts to ensure a successful and profitable launch in the market

Localization & Translation

In-house writers and cultural experts to localize in-game content and create cultural relevance and relatability

Data Analytics

Powerful analytics to analyze user behavior, increase retention rates and prolong player lifetime value

Community Support

24-hour support team managing technical issues and customer relations to guarantee the highest level of user satisfaction 

Creative Multimedia

Creative content generation and multimedia creation to maintain user engagement and entertainment 


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