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About the game

Advance as an oathsworn, and join the most epic strategy game! Where you face the forces of evil and play against other warriors to prove who is the strongest! Choose between Phantom, Arcania, and Dragoon, explore their skills and their special devastating powers, and live a legendary story in confronting the armies of darkness to unite the galaxy and rid it of invaders. Chronicles of Infinity offers you the chance to customize your character as you wish, with endless customization options, lethal weapons, and enchanting armor. Embark on a terrible adventure, climb the list of the strongest, and rule the galaxy in Chronicles of Infinity.

Game features

  • PVP Modes
  • Cross-Server Matches
  • PVE Challenges
  • Join Leagues & Squads
  • Choose from Multiple Classes
  • Character Customization

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Join the powerful alliances in Chronicles of Infinity and engage in alliance wars to be in the first place! Experience the quality of computer games on your mobile, with quality in combat and vibrant colors and images. Prove your skill in the most important strategy game, where intelligence and skill are needed to win. With the vast customization options, you will feel as if you are part of the world of Chronicles of Infinity.