About the game

Wanas is the latest trend in the world of games! With Wanas you will be able to meet new people, create chat rooms, share their opinions, discover new things, play the highly popular board game ludo, and expand your social network! Wanas is a community that is built for everyone and a place where you can create your very own world with people from all over the world all the while playing the highly popular board game Ludo!

Game features

  • Free to Play
  • Add & Chat with Friends
  • Customize Pawns, Backgrounds & Dice
  • Voice Chat Lobbies
  • Voice Chat Ludo Games
  • Daily Challenges & Prizes

Don’t miss out

Join the community and follow Wanas on all our social media platforms! Stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with the latest rewards, voice chat rooms and updates in Wanas!

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