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Cologne, Germany

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Tamatem Games
 is gearing up to make a remarkable presence at Gamescom 2023 next week and we’re excited to be there amidst the action. Mark your calendars from Wednesday, 23 August to Sunday, 27 August. We’re looking forward to bringing visionary insights to the heart of European gaming in Cologne.

Who’s WHO

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Hussam Hammo, visionary and driving force behind Tamatem Games, will be leading the charge at Gamescom this year. With his profound industry knowledge and passion for gaming, he’s ready to engage with fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Accompanying him will be our dynamic Marketing Manager, Lamia Shreim, who brings a wealth of creativity and strategy. Lamia is always excited to connect with fellow marketers, and anyone with a shared passion for the world of gaming and its marketing.

Our COO, Eyad Al Basheer, is also making his mark at Gamescom too! He’s bringing his A-game to the event. Count on his knack for smooth operations and creative thinking! Eyad is always ready to talk games; talk to him about your latest works, he’s always eyeing the next game to publish.

And not to be missed, the Managing Director of Tamatem Plus, Faisal Bitar who’s always available for engaging discussions. Ask Faisal about Tamatem Plus, our latest and most ambitious project, a payment platform that empowers developers and gamers alike, regardless of where they are and what their banking status is.

Reach out to the team above to set up a meeting, gain insights, and explore potential collaborations. Alternatively, simply stop us in the crowds and say Hi – we’d love to connect face-to-face!

For PR and media inquiries or if you simply want to talk, reach out to Rick W. Hindi, our PR specialist, who’s available to answer any questions you may have, he can be reached at [email protected]