December 19, 2021

422 Million Arabic Speakers And An Unpenetrated Market: Why You Should Invest In MENA Mobile Games

Simply put, if you’re not investing money into the MENA mobile gaming industry you’re missing out. With over 422 million Arabic speakers and an untapped mobile games market, the MENA region is an investor’s ultimate jackpot.

While MENA boasts one of the world’s highest smartphone ownership rates, online Arabic gaming content is scarce. Despite political unrest, the region’s gaming market is impressively growing at almost twice the global rate. With that in mind, here are the top reasons you should invest in the MENA mobile gaming industry.

It’s An Emerging Market With Profitable Potential

The MENA region is the ultimate emerging market to pump resources into. With tons of idle potential ready to mobilize, the MENA gaming market makes for a highly profitable investment. Infrastructure for mobile networks and technologies is on the rise. Populations across MENA countries are fast-growing and device penetration is booming. The main advantage here is that high quality Arabic mobile games remain limited. The market is not in a state of oversaturation, meaning the time to invest is now.

It’s A Number-Backed High Growth Industry

Arabic is one of the top 5 languages worldwide yet one of the most underserved languages online. Despite the obvious gap, MENA has the highest average rate per paying user in the world. Add more Arabic games into the mix and you’ve got yourself a massive industry that’s ready to multiply in size. With a high smartphone owner to mobile gamer ratio, the MENA population is hungry for growth. Since billion-dollar spending on games has already been recorded, MENA mobile gaming is an investor’s pot of gold.

It Has An Impressive Pool Of Local Talent To Capitalize On

To penetrate the MENA region, there’s no doubt that you would need to tap into local talent. The region is home to a pool of top-notch local game designers, publishers and translators. Beyond translation, localization is key for market penetration. The population is passionate about the Arabic language, but it’s also culture-centric. So to capitalize on your investment, you must implement cultural localization. With Tamatem, MENA’s leading mobile games publisher, investors have access to top local talent and an extensive tried and true track record of mobile game localization.

At this point, it’s safe to say that it’s no longer a matter of why or when. It’s a matter of you should invest in the MENA mobile games market sooner than later. High-profit potential, already proven success, and promising growth make it a no-brainer.

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