March 6, 2022

5 Mobile Game Blogs To Follow

The mobile gaming industry is ever-evolving; new trends, tech, and talent are continuously on the rise. As a gamer, developer, publisher, investor, or pretty much any stakeholder, it can become overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest on every aspect of the industry.

Here’s a quick rundown of our favourite mobile game blogs to follow:

Tamatem Games

As the MENA’s leading mobile games publisher, Tamatem Games is at the forefront of the region when it comes to content too. The Tamatem Games blog offers easy-to-read posts that dive into everything from region-specific updates to insightful industry reads. In addition, it’s the resource for updates and insights on Tamatem Games as a team, company, and key player in MENA. 


TouchArcade is an online platform that covers all things to do with mobile games. The blog dives into games and apps for iPhone and iPod Touch, giving you roundups, reviews, forums, and a podcast. It’s practically your one-stop shop for mobile gaming content.


Covering things from a more editorial perspective, Gamezebo highlights mobile games in the form of interviews, reviews, previews, strategy guides, and news. With lots of quick reads and listicles, the blog is structured in a way that appeals to the everyday reader. On the flip side, the “walkthroughs” section provides insight into specific games by offering lots of tips, tricks, and so on. 


Dubbed the “global authority on all things mobile and handheld”, PocketGamer is your go-to resource for any and every piece of content surrounding mobile games, both iOS, and Android. PocketGamer is hugely user-centric; the blog values its readers and the type of content they want to read. The site pumps out lots of useful content through their social media channels, and while also running PocketGamer.Biz, which focuses more on the business side of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming Hub

Just as the name suggests, MobileGamingHub is your hub for news and content in the mobile gaming world. Aside from general posts, the blog’s evergreen content in the form of guides is rather useful – if you’re in need of a guide to begin a game, chances are you’ll find it here.

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