January 6, 2022

The Difference Between Developers & Publishers

To the everyday consumer, not much thought goes into the production process behind a mobile game. You hear about a mobile game, search through the app store, download, play, and repeat. But on the back end, there are lots of processes, systems, and entities that go into creating and launching a great mobile game. 

One commonly confusing aspect in the mobile game industry is the difference between developers and publishers. Many people are unaware of the purpose behind a mobile game developer versus that of a mobile game publisher. In long-story-short style, this blog post will explain the difference. 

Mobile Game Developers

Just like it sounds, mobile game developers develop the game. Regardless of whether they’re a large industry magnate or a solo, one-person operation, a mobile game developer is the entity behind the actual creation of the game. They build the mobile game from the ground up; this involves creative aspects, such as storyline and gameplay, as well as technical structures, such as code. 

The main tasks carried out by mobile game developers include coming up with the game’s storyline, characters, and visuals on the creative side, but also overseeing and carrying out the programming needed to bring the game to life. Essentially, a mobile game developer’s job involves the process of taking a mobile game from idea to execution

Mobile Game Publishers

A mobile game publisher is an organization or entity that takes a finished, already-developed mobile game to market. The job of a mobile game publisher involves aspects such as launch strategy, marketing, product management, and other steps involved with officially publishing a mobile game. 

In addition to steps related to the actual publication of a mobile game, mobile game publishers have a lot of industry experience to offer. A top mobile game publisher can offer expert services, such as market research, app store optimization, and more business-focused processes that are valuable. 

Today, game developers can choose between one of two routes: going solo and self-publishing or partnering with a seasoned mobile game publisher who has industry experience. It’s easier than ever to beat to the tune of your own drum and self-publish a mobile game and, in some instances it may be less costly. However, partnering with a leading mobile game publisher has unparalleled advantages and perks that ensure every single thing is thought of from the get-go. 

When you partner with a leading mobile game publisher, you can rest assured that every other aspect outside the development of your game will be taken care of. From locally-informed marketing strategies to well-thought-out monetization avenues, publishers are meant to cover the business side of launching a mobile game. 

You can work with a mobile game publisher to localize an existing mobile game that you’ve gained success with or to release your ready, unpublished game. Another way would be to join forces with a mobile game publisher at the beginning of the mobile game development process, to implement an A-Z process of giving the audience what it wants. 

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