August 2, 2017

Broad agenda for PG Connects Helsinki 2017 welcomes fresh faces to the PGC conference circuit

New speakers mix it up with established PGC chums

As much as we have the heavy hitters at our conferences – you know, the Wilhelm Tahts, Eric Seuferts, Saara Bergstroms, and Antti Stens of the mobile gaming world who you’ll again find at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2017 (September 19th to 20th) – we also ensure we include plenty of fresh blood at our gigs.

And in keeping with the delivery of our biggest Helsinki event to date – which we’ll remind you includes 10 core tracks, The Very Big Indie PitchSpeedMatch session, a Game Jam, our free Pitch & Match meeting system, a lively expo area, fun PechaKucha sessions, networking party, a game music concert AND not one but two sister conferences in 2017 with newcomer XR Connects and fresh-out-of-the-3D-printer PC Connects – we’re also broadening our conference agenda by setting it to XXL mode.

That ultimately means seeking new perspectives and insight from a wider range of voices. And the latest 10 speakers to join PGC Helsinki beautifully illustrate this. 

Welcome, then:

  • Cameron Murphy from Audiodraft promises a fascinating session on the power of audio
  • Stephan Dilly from InnoGames will focus his talk on the crucial aspects of UX
  • Filipp Karmanov from Black Snowflake Games is set to discuss the future of HTML5 gaming
  • Tommi Krogerus at Critical Force will focus on the process of turning student devs into professionals
  • Hussam Hammo (Tamatem) and Ahmed Alsafar (Play 3arabi) will showcase the MENA market potential
  • Sergei Dragunov from Fat Snail Studio will share the steps required to improve your creativity
  • Nick Dorra will rely on his animation expertise to deliver a characterization masterclass
  • Ján Litecký-Šveda at Pixel Federation will center on sharing techniques of narrative engagement
  • Thomas Forss from stage zero promises to boost your productivity to a whole new level
  • Andy Brammall at Spirit AI will lend his expertise to an indie panel that focuses on next-gen technology already in use in mobile game making

They join the already unveiled speakers and an agenda that will additionally focus on influencersindie developmentmonetizationeSportsfunding and investmentUAsocial platformsglobal market opportunitiespitching and networking techniquesmarketinglive opssuccess management… and more.

Want to come to learn from them? Early Bird tickets are still live – though note they end this week.

Article By Joao Diniz Sanches
Pocket Gamer

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