November 28, 2023

Cleopatra Revisited | A Tamatem Review

Cleopatra, the official expansion pack to the acclaimed city-building game Pharaoh, is a significant upgrade that breathes new life into the original title. While retaining the core gameplay that made Pharaoh so enjoyable, Cleopatra introduces a host of new features, challenges, and complexities that will captivate both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Expanded Gameplay and New Industries

One of the most notable aspects of Cleopatra is the expansion of the game’s economic system. The introduction of two new industries, lamp making and paint making, adds depth and complexity to the gameplay. Lamp makers must carefully manage their supplies of pottery and oil, while paint makers need to ensure a steady supply of henna. These new industries add a layer of strategic planning to the game, requiring players to carefully balance their resource allocation and production chains.

Beyond the new industries, Cleopatra also introduces a variety of new monuments, including the impressive royal tombs. These grand structures demand careful planning and execution, as they require a combination of resources, skilled labour, and strategic placement. The construction of royal tombs not only enhances the prestige of your city but also serves as a testament to your architectural prowess.

Challenging Campaigns and Enhanced Military

The campaigns in Cleopatra are a step up from those in Pharaoh, offering a greater degree of challenge and variety. Some missions now impose strict time limits, forcing players to make quick decisions and adapt to changing circumstances. Additionally, the military element of Cleopatra plays a more prominent role, with some missions requiring players to defend their city from relentless invaders. This increased focus on military strategy adds an exciting new dimension to the gameplay, forcing players to balance their economic growth with the need for a strong defence.

Minor Issues and Overall Impression

While Cleopatra is a remarkable expansion pack, it is not without its flaws. The presence of creatures that attack the populace can be frustrating, as they can cause significant damage to your city’s infrastructure and population. Additionally, a persistent bug that can halt tomb construction can be a major inconvenience.

Despite these minor issues, Cleopatra is a well-crafted expansion pack that adds depth, challenge, and freshness to the Pharaoh experience. The new industries, monuments, and campaigns provide hours of engaging gameplay, while the enhanced military element adds a new layer of strategic complexity. For fans of Pharaoh seeking a fresh and challenging experience, Cleopatra is an essential addition to their gaming library.

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