September 13, 2022

Don’t Work For Tamatem Games, Really Don’t  

Tamatem Games has been making headlines left right and center over the last couple of years and the reason why this Jordan-born startup has been dominating the news is not because of its funding rounds, or the fact that the creator of PUBG himself flew out from Korea to meet with the team but rather because this company is legitimately one of its kind and here’s why! 

1. Times Are Changing 

People are beginning to realize that the grey and dull 9 to 5 corporate life is not the best or most ideal way to live anymore. The region’s brightest minds are leaving massive corporations (without dropping any names) to come work for Tamatem. Times are changing and working at a corporation that sucks the life out of you is no longer the most optimal choice.

People are seeking fulfillment, searching for something that is less stagnant, more dynamic, and moving with the times. Working at a place that understands the human side of things is a core prerequisite. To be seen, recognized, and heard are fundamentals that cannot be overlooked anymore and Tamatem is all about promoting the whole and the self, pushing for growth beyond the salary and title. 

2. Being A Part Of Something Bigger

You won’t be working at a mobile gaming company. Well, yes you technically will be working at a mobile gaming company but you will also be a part of a movement and a revolution. Tamatem is not just a company that publishes mobile games in Arabic. It’s a grassroots movement transforming the MENA entertainment industry as we know it.

Tamatem is much more than its products and services. It is fundamentally and in so many ways the future. It is creating jobs all over the world, enhancing and introducing the mobile games industry to a region filled with young people eager to launch their careers. It’s pushing entrepreneurship and innovation for anyone looking to chase their dreams. It showcases the massive potential that exists in the Arab world. It’s a rumbling revolution that is breaking records and challenging the status quo, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? 

3. What You See Is What You Get 

As rare as it may seem today, what you see is truly what you get with Tamatem. If you stumbled across any of the leading publisher’s social media pages you probably wondered if any of it was actually real. The answer is yes, yes it is. Tamatem is spearheaded by a highly passionate, immensely devoted, and very unique group of people. From the second you set foot at Tamatem HQ you will immediately feel the energy of this marvelous beehive. Everyone is elated; working to serve the mothership and there’s this unbreakable in-explainable force that constantly drives the team to grow individually and collectively.

The team’s ability to make sure that everyone is welcomed unconditionally as a member of the family is mind-blowing. This is exceptional given how busy everyone really is. The industry is so extremely fast-paced and demanding. Being busy is an understatement, yet somehow everyone makes time for you. There’s a sense of unity that makes you shift from feeling like a complete stranger to a lifelong member of the band, with everyone drumming to the same beat. 

4. The Industry 

The MENA games market is expected to reach more than $5 billion by 2025. The numbers are on Tamatem’s side. With the arrival of the global pandemic, millions of people have turned to their phones for entertainment, specifically mobile games, and have been since hooked. The industry is growing at an exponential rate and Tamatem is growing with it.

Today, the MENA region’s market is the fastest growing in the world with over 377 million estimated players. This is almost as many gamers as all of Europe (386 million) and much more than the American market (210 million) Source: Pocket Gamer. Tamatem has been serving the MENA mobile games market way before people started realizing the massive potential of MENA mobile games. They essentially called it before everyone else did. Tamatem has over 50 published games with over 150 million game downloads and continues to grow every single day. 

In a nutshell and the most important thing to take away is don’t work for Tamatem Games, really don’t. 

Author: Elena Hinnawi

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