April 28, 2022

Fashion Queen, Tamatem’s highly popular fashion game, teams up with Atheer Al Hilweh for the month of Ramadan! 

One of Tamatem’s most popular games, Fashion Queen, teams up with influencer Atheer Al Hilweh in a month-long campaign! During the month of Ramadan, Fashion Queen officially introduced the character of Atheer Al Hilweh. Players can now interact with Atheer by completing missions, exploring her story, and purchasing exclusive outfits handpicked by the influencer herself! Atheer has over 6 Million average views on Snapchat! Teaming up with her helped users better understand how to navigate the game and unlock levels. More than that! Introducing Atheer to Fashion Queen led to a 40% increase in revenue and 30% increase in game downloads! 

Atheer also introduced the PVP (Player vs Player) feature in the game to engage users in playing and interacting with one another. She announced a competition whereby users got the chance to play against Atheer herself and win prizes! Users that won playing against Atheer were rewarded with promo codes for in-game purchases! 

More than that! Atheer got her very own Fashion Queen Snapchat filter! Atheer’s followers and Fashion Queen lovers enjoyed using the filter and were able to interact in real-time with Atheer in picking brand new fashion outfits within the game every single day! 

Fashion Queen collaborating with influencers like Atheer Al Hilweh gets us closer to our users and their lifestyles! We are always looking for ways to enhance and uplift our user’s experience and make the game highly entertaining and enjoyable. We chose Atheer for Fashion Queen because of her absolute love for the game. Atheer is a Fashion Queen fanatic herself and who would be a better fit than someone who is a massive fan of the game and knows it inside and out! We loved partnering with the fabulous Atheer and especially enjoyed giving life to her very own Fashion Queen character for all of her fans and followers to interact with and enjoy! 

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