April 25, 2018

Game Insight taps up Tamatem to publish Airport City in the Middle East and North Africa

Game Insight has partnered up with Jordan-based mobile games publisher Tamatem to localise Airport City for Arabic-speaking players.

The freshly localised title will launch across the Middle East and North Africa and will be available on iOS and Android.

Airport City is a sim/tycoon mobile game that lets players build and manage an airport, send flights to different cities all over the world and create a city to support their international gateway.

Come fly with me

According to Tamatem, the Middle Eastern and North African mobile games market is expected to become a $2.3 billion industry by 2022. However, Arabic language games are a rarity within app stores with one per cent of titles offering an Arabic option.

“I believe that Arabic mobile users will enjoy Airport City, as it offers an exceptional experience for players to interact with each other and build their own modern-day empires,” said Tamatem CEO Hussam Hammo.

“This collaboration marks the beginning of a great alliance between Tamatem and Game Insight.”

Article By Iain Harris
Pocket Gamer

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