March 9, 2020

Jordan TV host’s confusion on Queen Rania’s visit to ‘Tamatem Games’ goes viral

A Jordanian television host is being ridiculed by users online after she confused Queen Rania’s recent visit to mobile game developer “Tamatem” (Tomatoes in English) for a company focused on “producing tomatoes and ketchup.”

Lara Tamash was reporting on air when she confused the company’s specialty by misstating that they produced tomatoes and ketchup.

“I only saw a little of the video report from last week, but the young guys were talking with so much pride after Her Majesty’s visit to their company, especially after she had seen their production of tomatoes and ketchup,” Tamash said during her show.

The Jordan-based Tamatem was founded in 2013 by Hussam Hammo and initially focused on developing mobile games. The company has since become the leading mobile games publisher in the Middle East after raising $3.5 mln during a round led by existing investor Wamda Capital.

Twitter users were quick to join in the controversy after Tamash’s mistake, taking the opportunity to tweet at other companies.

“@Apple, do you also sell juice or only apples by the seed?” Nadir Shakhshir tweeted.

“Waiting for Jordan TV’s report on Apple and the importance of apples and apple juice,” Mohammad Adawi tweeted.

Tamash later went on to apologize for her mistake, describing her reporting as “an unintended error.”

“I apologize in my name for the management of the company and its employees and the honorable viewers for this unintended error and we value the efforts of the youth that work to translate the content of the games in the Arabic language in the Arab world … please accept my apology,” Tamash wrote on her Facebook page.

Article By Ismaeel Naar
Al Arabiya

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