June 26, 2019

Jordanian publisher Tamatem working with NokNok studio to bring I Love Mart to MENA region

Jordanian firm Tamatem has teamed with Korea developer NokNok to publish the studio’s I Love Mart game on mobile devices in the MENA region.

The game will be localised into Arabic and be renamed to Bandar’s Farm to help the title become more culturally relevant.

I Love Mart is a casual-family game that sees players building, managing and expanding their own supermarket while being able to grow and sell ingredients on a farm.

Bandar’s Farm will launch on iOS and Android devices in August this year.

“Experience like no other”

“I truly believe that our users will really enjoy Bandar’s Farm,” said Tamatem CEO Hussam Hammo.

“The game offers an experience like no other and we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with NokNok.”

NokNok CEO Si-Jin Park added: “We hope more people enjoy the familiar theme of Bandar’s Farm. There are many female users who play this game in Korea and we hope female users from MENA will enjoy it as well.”

We previously spoke with Tamatem UI/UX manager Hanin Suradi about the data-driven nature of the MENA region.Pocket Gamer Connects MENA will be taking place this November. Find all the details right here

Article By Matthew Forde
Pocket Gamer

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