April 25, 2022

Local Jordanian company Tamatem Games vaccinates all of its employees

AMMAN — Tamatem Games, a major mobile games publisher in the Middle East, vaccinated all of its 75 employees this week. Tamatem is a local Jordanian mobile publishing company that has been growing exponentially in recent years despite the current economic downturn. Tamatem places the health and well-being of its employees at the forefront and is adamant about creating an excellent work environment for its team. With that, the company is eager to move forward towards a better and brighter future by creating job opportunities for the Jordanian youth. 

“It is vital for us to keep on pushing forward during these uncertain and difficult times. Our region has been going through an economic and political downturn so it is important for organisations and companies alike to remain hopeful and take any step, no matter how small, towards a better and healthier future,” said Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem Games. 

Article By Jordan Times

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