May 9, 2018

Tamatem: A Jordanian success story

A promising company started working in the field of mobile games in 2013 and is valued at more than $8 million today. Here’s a look at Tamatem, a Jordanian mobile gaming company.

Analysts and experts agree that mobile games is a promising and fast-growing industry, which forced decision makers in major economies around the world to pay attention to it. Jordanian entrepreneur Hussam Hummo, the founder and CEO of Tamatem Company, realized that fact as well when he entered the mobile games industry. Tamatem started in the USA back in 2013 through joining 500 Start ups Silicon Valley program to become the first Arabic company entering this program and later return safely after 6 months back to its base in Amman.

Hussam Hummo: Tamatem is the first games publisher in the Arab World. We take games from all around the world and develop them to make them culturally relevant for the Arabic gamer, then we publish them in the Arabic market. Tamatem currently has around 40 available games on IOS and Android. We offer a variety of games: car, cards, strategy and combat games and we still have games that we are working on that will be published soon. The idea of the project started in 2013 when the Arabic market was in great need of Arabic applications, because it is the fourth most spoken language in the world but there was no available content in Arabic. Tamatem today is spreading around the world, we have users from all around the world, not only from the Arab countries, we have users from Australia all the way to USA. All our employees today are located in our office in Amman and we honestly aspire to expand in additional areas very soon.

Tamatem relied on a business model called “revenue sharing” with game developers around the world and it is recording steady and noticeable growth rates. So is the company still depending on funds since it is considered an emerging company? How long will the funding continue?

Hussam Hummo: When we take a game and publish it, we require a percentage of profit along with the marketing team in return of the services we provide. In addition, we develop games in the company and rely on advertisement. We make profits out of advertisement and in-app purchases which is payment for extra content in a game.

Currently, Tamatem has around 20 employees and around 40 million downloads on IOS and Android devices.

Hussam Hummo: Tamatem today is going through its last investment round with a value of $8 million. During the past 4 years, our company attracted several investors and investments from all around the world, starting from USA through 500 Startups then some American investors and later some Angel Investors in the Arab World. Then we had a second investment round in 2014 by Arab and foreigner investors and until now we have “Series A” round, which will end soon. So today the company reached to a stage where it depends completely on itself and does not need extra funding in order for it to complete its daily tasks. The company today is profitable but we consider that funding will help us expand.

Tamatem is another Jordanian success story added to the gaming industry, which is a promising industry in the world of finance and business, a group of young Jordanians who started with a small business idea and grew to become very successful.

Article By Venture Staff

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