July 22, 2020

Tamatem and Tamalaki partner to release Home Designer Blast Makeover in the MENA region

MENA region mobile games publisher Tamatem has partnered with publisher Tamalaki to release Home Designer Blast Makeover across the MENA region.

The game will be launched as خبير تصميم المنزل Home Design Expert, with Tamatem handling monetisation, marketing, and support in the new countries. Outside of the MENA region, this will include Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more.

Moreover, the game will feature translations into a number of languages, and localisation to ensure it is culturally relevant to the MENA region.

Learning a lot

“Working with Tamatem on the distribution of our game, Home Designer Blast Makeover felt like working with an extension of our own team,” said Tamalaki owner Martine Spaans.

“We learned a lot in the process, and it was great to see that Tamatem truly cares about the details. We managed to go to market not just in Arabic, but in six new languages!”

“We are excited to launch Home Design Expert across multiple regions for the first time,” said Tamatem founder and CEO Hussam Hammo.

“The game is addictive and fun to play. We are also excited about our latest partnership with Tamalaki and look forward to greater collaborations in the near future.”

Tamatem recently partnered with Tilting Point to bring Food Truck Chef and Languinis to the MENA region. Meanwhile, Tamalaki recently worked with Sakura Games to launch Car Girl Garage.

Article By Ric Cowley
Pocket Gamer

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