December 27, 2022

Tamatem Games Launches Beta for Brand New Social Game ‘Wanas’!

Tamatem Games the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic-speaking market launches a brand new social game Wanas! Wanas has been in the works for almost a year now and Tamatem Games is finally releasing it to the market! The game is made for people that are looking to socialize, connect, play and chat!

Social games have become extremely popular in the world of games in the past couple of years and especially in the MENA region. People are leaning more towards social mobile games as a way of communication and connection all the while playing their favorite games! 

With Wanas players will be able to meet new people, create chat rooms, share their opinions, discover new things, play the highly popular board game ludo, and expand their social network! Wanas is a community that is built for everyone and a place where anyone can create their very own world with people from all over the world! While making new friends users can also play the highly popular strategy board game, Ludo!

“Working on Wanas has been such a gratifying experience. Not many people understand or realize the importance of every little detail that goes into launching a game. From testing to design, everything counts and our team has done the impossible to make sure that Wanas is at the top of its game. I truly believe that Wanas will be a place of retreat and enjoyment for our users and more importantly it will serve as a community where everyone can have a seat at the table. We couldn’t be happier to present Wanas to the market!” Abdullah Bustami, Associate Product Manager at Tamatem Games. Tamatem is continuously expanding its efforts in the region to bring the best mobile games to the Arabic-speaking market!

The world of Wanas means so much to us! We have been moving at a lightning-fast pace, working daily to bring you the best mobile game entertainment and we are so ecstatic to announce the launch of what we believe is the biggest social mobile game in the market! We cannot wait for you to try it!

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