October 26, 2023

The Dark Souls Bosses That Make Us throw our controllers

We asked our colleagues at Tamatem Games in Amman which Dark Souls bosses they hated the most, and the results were… enlightening. Here are the top 5 and why they’re so terrible:

Bed of Chaos:

This boss is a platforming nightmare. You have to jump across collapsing platforms, avoid falling into pits, and dodge fire and laser beams, all while trying to hit a giant eyeball. It’s like a Mario game, but with the added danger of getting one-shotted by a giant, angry sphincter.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder:

This boss is a pushover, but only if you know how to parry. If you don’t, Gwyn can be a real pain in the … you know. He’s very fast and aggressive, and his attacks can do a lot of damage. Plus (not Tamatem Plus), he has a nasty habit of healing himself when you hurt him. It’s like fighting a toddler with a sword and shield, who also happens to be immortal.

Four Kings:

This boss fight is just plain boring. You fight the same boss four times in a row, with no real variation between the fights. It’s like watching the same episode of your favourite TV show four times in a row, but with more darkness and despair.

Sanctuary Guardian:

This boss is way too easy to cheese. You can easily stand in one spot and spam your bow, and the boss will never be able to touch you. It’s like fighting a toddler with a Nerf gun, but with more flying feathers and less laughter.

Ornstein & Smough:

This boss fight is notoriously difficult, but it’s also one of the most fun in the game. Ornstein is fast and agile, while Smough is slow and heavy. This forces you to constantly adapt your strategy and be on your toes. But even though the fight is challenging, it’s also fair. It’s like fighting a couple of drunk frat bros, who are both armed with pool cues

These are just a few of the worst Dark Souls bosses, according to our poll. While every player will have their own opinion on the matter, these bosses are generally considered to be some of the most unfair and frustrating in the entire series.

There are a few reasons why these bosses are considered to be so bad. First, some of them are just plain unfair. The Bed of Chaos is a random mess of a boss fight, and Gwyn is too easy to parry. Second, some of these bosses are just too repetitive. The Four Kings are essentially clones of each other, and the Sanctuary Guardian is very boring to fight. Finally, some of these bosses are just too difficult. Ornstein & Smough are a very challenging boss fight, and many players find them to be too overwhelming.

What’s the deal with Ornstein & Smough?

Ornstein & Smough is a boss fight that is often both loved and hated by players. Some players find the fight to be a challenging but fair test of their skills, while others find it to be too difficult and frustrating.

One of the things that makes Ornstein & Smough so difficult is that you have to fight two very powerful bosses at the same time. Ornstein is a fast and agile knight, while Smough is a slow and heavy tank. This means that you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to dodge attacks from both bosses at the same time.

Another thing that makes Ornstein & Smough so difficult is that they have a lot of health. This means that the fight can take a long time, and it’s easy to get impatient and make mistakes.

However, despite its difficulty, Ornstein & Smough is also a very well-designed boss fight. The two bosses have different movesets and abilities, which forces the player to adapt their strategy throughout the fight. Additionally, the fight against Ornstein & Smough is very visually appealing, and it is a real challenge to overcome.

Overall, the worst Dark Souls bosses are the ones that are unfair, repetitive, or too difficult. While every player will have their own opinion on the matter, the bosses listed above are generally considered to be some of the worst in the series.

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