November 28, 2023

The Godfather on the PS2 | A Tamatem Review

Widely hailed as one of the greatest films ever made, The Godfather, when adapted into a video game by Electronic Arts, initially appeared to be a risky endeavour. Yet, the gamble paid off, resulting in a compelling and faithful experience that seamlessly blends with the iconic movie’s narrative.

Despite the protagonist being an entirely new character, The Godfather successfully adheres to the film’s events, placing players in the shoes of a pivotal figure absent from the movie’s spotlight. The game skillfully integrates this character into the established storyline, maintaining harmony with the film’s essence. At the outset, players create a mobster using EA Sports-style customization tools, initiating the game by witnessing the protagonist’s father being gunned down. Fast-forwarding to the movie’s wedding scene, the narrative unfolds as the player’s character is taken under the wing of the Don, orchestrated by a request on his daughter’s wedding day, a rule that no Sicilian can refuse.

Operating as an unofficial enforcer for the Corleone family, players engage in compelling activities such as intimidating merchants for protection money, expanding their influence by taking over various businesses and rackets. The game intertwines these activities with well-crafted story missions, mirroring iconic moments from the film. This unique blend of faithful recreation and original content distinguishes The Godfather from routine movie adaptations.

The game’s commitment to authenticity extends to its accurate depiction of Corleone family members, with characters closely resembling their film counterparts. While borrowing heavily from the Grand Theft Auto series, The Godfather excels in replicating the city of New York, allowing players to explore familiar film locations. However, the meticulous detail occasionally results in confusing streets, impeding smooth navigation.

The Godfather mirrors the mayhem of GTA, offering a range of criminal activities and interactions with the police. The game introduces challenging missions and a variety of weapons, complemented by simple yet effective gunplay. The combat system, featuring a mix of melee and firearm options, provides players with a satisfying array of choices, despite occasional AI glitches.

As players progress, accumulating respect points and levelling up, the game reveals its depth, allowing for skill development and enhanced abilities. Though the PC version boasts better visuals, the control scheme is more intuitive on consoles. Despite occasional frame rate issues across all platforms, the game’s expansive content, including bonus clips from the movie, offers around 20 hours of immersive gameplay.

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