March 11, 2020

TV host apologises for ‘unintended error’ made about Queen Rania

Live TV mishap

When it comes to live television, things aren’t always going to go 100 per cent right. But in the day and age of social media, it’s difficult to get away with making mistakes without it going viral.

Unfortunately, one Jordanian television host has fallen victim to exactly that. Even worse, it was a case of mistaken information about Her Majesty Queen Rania.

Earlier this week, presenter Lara Tamash was discussing Queen Rania’s recent public outing to mobile game developer ‘Tamatem’, which means ‘tomatoes’ in English.

However, the host mistook the company’s focus, stating it produced “tomatoes and ketchup”.

“I only saw a little of the video report from last week, but the young guys were talking with so much pride after Her Majesty’s visit to their company, especially after she had seen their production of tomatoes and ketchup,” she said on air.

Catching wind of the mistake, the company was quick to post on Twitter poking fun at the situation. Sharing a clip of the television segment, the company joked it was “surprised” to learn it specialised in the “production of tomatoes and ketchup”.

The television host eventually caught wind of her mistake, and took to Facebook to apologise for the blunder referring to it as “an unintended error”, according to English Alarabiya.

“I apologise in my name for the management of the company and its employees and the honorable viewers for this unintended error and we value the efforts of the youth that work to translate the content of the games in the Arabic language in the Arab world … please accept my apology,” Tamash reportedly said.

No harm, no foul — and we’re sure many people had a bit of a giggle because of it.

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