October 25, 2023

Your comprehensive guide to “battle of kings”

Greetings, lords and ladies! Welcome to the world of Battle of Kings, also known as Clash of Empires in some regions. As new kingdoms emerge, it’s crucial to quickly upgrade your castle and barracks. In these early stages, fighting may be limited, so it’s important to focus your efforts wisely.

To help beginners get started swiftly, we have some essential tips for you. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play the game:

1. New Kingdom Events:
Every day, a new task tab opens for the New Kingdom event. These tasks offer incredible rewards, and upon completion, you’ll receive a special chest with gear corresponding to the number of tasks accomplished. Strive to complete as many tasks as possible to obtain high-grade rewards, including 20,000 gold coins, 50-hour accelerations, and other useful items. Seize these opportunities for early development and gain a competitive edge.

2. Two Packs Suitable for Beginners:

  • New Lord Pack: This pack provides you with 10 permanent workers, which will set you far ahead of other players. Workers are crucial for building upgrades and efficiency.
  • Castle Construction Pack: By purchasing this pack, you can reduce construction time and consumption by 50%! Within just 2-3 days, you can upgrade your castle to level 16 while saving 800H acceleration and 200M resources.

Monthly Sign-in Event:
Sign in to the game for 30 consecutive days and unlock a multitude of rewards, including Advanced Recruitment Cards, Hero’s stamina, VIP points, speedups, and abundant resources. Make sure to participate in this event to enhance your progress and growth.

New Kingdom Sharing:
Share our game on your own page and receive massive rewards. Invite your friends to join and grow together. Ally with friends to defend against attacks or launch strategic assaults on other alliances.

Invitation Event:
Invite friends using your unique codes and earn rewards such as gold and hero shards. You can invite up to 10 friends, and when one of them reaches level 30 in their castle, you’ll receive 31,000 gold, 50 Advanced Recruitment Cards, and 150 Class S shards. Keep expanding your network and reap the benefits.

New Kingdom Events:
These events offer various activities, including treasure trials, gold events, magic mines, kingdom monsters, and devils’ befall. Actively participate to acquire abundant rewards and don’t miss out on valuable developmental opportunities. Aim for high rankings, as the rewards can even be worth a $99 gift pack. Remember to keep an eye on the event centre and reach out to customer service if you have any questions.

Troop Combinations:
Today’s strategy revolves around troop combinations. Each camp in the game allows you to train infantry, cavalry, archers, and sieges. As the camps level up, you unlock higher-tier troops. Each troop has its unique attributes and advantages, and understanding the right combination is crucial for victory on the battlefield. Dive deeper into troop strategies to optimise your battle results.

Phase One: Building Upgrade and Research

The first phase begins at 8 o’clock on Monday server time. Your task during this phase is to focus on upgrading your buildings and conducting research. Upgrading your buildings not only improves their functionality but also rewards you with 10 points for each increase in combat power. To maximise your ranking, it is advised to save your building upgrades for this phase. Additionally, activate the talent skills of development to increase the speed by 20%. Utilise the research institute by assigning workers to reduce research time.

Phase Two: Gathering

The second phase, which starts on Tuesday, is all about gathering resources. Upgrading troops and buildings require a substantial amount of resources. There are four types of resources, each granting different points. During gathering, it is crucial to optimise your Lion by changing it to a gentle one. Adjust your equipment and talents to maximise the benefits of gathering attributes. Furthermore, take advantage of buffs that reduce gathering time.

Phase Three: Hunting

The third phase introduces monsters and camps of up to level 30. Utilise your physical strength to defeat these monsters and claim considerable rewards. Make the most of this opportunity.

Additional Tips for Success

  1. prioritise development attributes such as research, as it allows you to study resource and development types early on. Prioritise resources and development skills in your talent tree to accelerate your progress.
  2. Online rewards: Periodically, you can claim online rewards, including 5x rewards and 3x rewards. Make sure not to miss out on these bonuses.
  3. Daily tasks: Complete your daily tasks, as they offer valuable rewards. The higher your castle level, the greater the rewards.
  4. Gold Mine: Upgrade the three gold coin mines in the suburbs to the highest level possible. They provide a cost-effective investment option with significant input-output ratios, while also boosting combat attributes.
  5. Resource fields: Utilise daily resource production and collection as a vital resource acquisition channel.
  6. Kill monsters: Exploit your physical strength to defeat monsters and earn considerable rewards.
  7. Resource tower trade: Take advantage of the opportunity for free resource transportation five times a day. Choose the type of resources that best suit your needs.
  8. Hero Recruitment: Make use of the five free common recruitments and one advanced recruitment available each day. Don’t miss out on recruiting new heroes.
  9. Polar Desert: This is where hero experience is produced. Collect the produced experience items in a timely manner and use energy to plunder other heroes’ experience.
  10. Participate in New Kingdom activities: Take part in various events such as the New Kingdom sign-in event where you can receive S-level heroes for free. Share the game with your friends, invite them to play, and bind your accounts to receive significant rewards in the form of gold coins and hero fragments.
  11. Stay alert for circular activities: The event centre offers various activities like treasure trials, gold events, magic mines, kingdom monsters, and devils befall. Stay updated on these events to maximise your rewards.

Additional Tips for Success

  1. Alliance Cooperation: Join an alliance and collaborate with your fellow lords. Together, you can conquer powerful enemies and share resources and knowledge. Participate in alliance events and rallies to strengthen your alliance and reap the rewards.
  2. Daily Deals and Special Offers: Keep an eye out for daily deals and special offers in the in-game store. These offers often provide great value for resources, items, and speed-ups. Take advantage of them to accelerate your progress.
  3. VIP Benefits: Consider investing in the VIP system. By purchasing VIP points, you can unlock various perks such as faster construction times, increased resource production, and other exclusive privileges. Evaluate the benefits and decide if it aligns with your gameplay style.
  4. Castle Defense: Build strong defences for your castle to ward off enemy attacks. Place your defensive structures strategically and continually upgrade them to deter invaders. Don’t forget to set up your hero to lead the defence and boost your castle’s combat power.
  5. Offensive Strategies: Develop effective attack strategies to defeat your enemies. Study the strengths and weaknesses of different troop types and adjust your formation accordingly. Pay attention to the enemy’s formations and utilise tactics such as flanking and focusing fire to maximise your chances of victory.
  6. Research and Technology: Continuously invest in research and technology to unlock powerful upgrades and bonuses for your kingdom. Prioritise research that enhances your resource production, combat capabilities, and construction efficiency. Stay up to date with the latest advancements to stay ahead of your competitors.
  7. Resource Management: Manage your resources wisely to ensure steady growth. Balance your resource production and consumption, and consider using resource items and buffs during critical development phases. Protect your resources from plundering by reinforcing your castle and utilising shield spells.
  8. Active Gameplay: Battle of Kings is a game that rewards active players. Log in regularly to collect rewards, complete daily tasks, and participate in events. By staying active, you’ll progress faster, acquire better rewards, and establish yourself as a formidable force in the game.
  9. Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication with your alliance members is key to success. Coordinate your activities, share valuable information, and support each other to achieve common goals. Use the in-game chat and other communication channels to foster teamwork and coordination.

We hope these additional tips provide you with a comprehensive guide to excel in Battle of Kings. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with different strategies. May your rule be prosperous and victorious!

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