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With more than 31 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of active users, Tamatem can introduce your game to the widest audience possible.

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Optimize your game for Arab players and unlock the region with the highest ARPU


We will improve the game’s monetization by up to 2X through advising on in-app package pricing and ad network usage.

Analytics and Marketing

We want your games to succeed and will market them at no added cost to you.


Launching your game is only one step in its potential success. We will provide you with information on overall user experience and feedback.

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We understand the market and the users better than anyone else

Tamatem’s reach and localization process guarantees success for your game in the Arabic market. Our team has extensive experience in localizing and launching games for the Arabic gamer.

We understand what the Arabic gamer wants and we’ve constantly delivered on what they expect.

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