December 20, 2021

Social Mobile Gaming In A Socially Distanced World

As we enter the Holy month of Ramadan this year, we’re reminded once again of the massive shift that the pandemic has caused. Once synonymous with nightly gatherings, festive outings, and meals shared with friends and family, Ramadan this year will be significantly less social. However, taking a quick look back at the past year or so, our entire idea of socializing has already been morphed and reimagined. 

With limitations in place, we’ve seen many resort to the world of mobile gaming to fill their time. While we know that the pandemic has caused a massive uptick in mobile gaming in general, it’s worth noting that social mobile games have taken on a life of their own during this time. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how social gaming has become a phenomenon during this socially distanced time. We’ll dive into why social mobile games have become a lifeline for many, while exploring some of Tamatem’s top games as prime examples.

A Safe Way To Socialize

It goes without saying that people have had to restructure their free time and their socializing habits. Stay-at-home orders, masks, and 6 feet apart regulations have heavily limited any social interactions that are permitted. Enter mobile games – mobile games have made way for a safe, entertaining way to pass time while also socializing.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for a social takeover in mobile games. With features like chats and video calls, and character design capabilities, a social gaming evolution is underway. We’re starting to see more and more games that center around social activities, such as shopping or playing cards, that would otherwise take place in person. 

Sweet Escape From Everyday Life

Social mobile games have become a sweet escape from mundane everyday life. In a time where much of the world’s current events are discouraging, escapism is much needed. Unlike other games, social mobile games offer stimulation that goes beyond mindless time passing. 

With multidimensional levels, options to invite friends and virtual spaces that feel like real-life social communities, social mobile gaming offers the sweetness of social interaction right at your fingertips.

Consistency In An Unpredictable World

Social mobile games have taken the shape of a reliable and consistent social network. Much like outings with friends after school or catch-up dinners after work, social games have taken on the taste of social relief that we’re all craving. 

The feeling of safety, fun, and stimulation with friends is like no other – social mobile games make that feeling even more accessible and consistent. No matter what time of day you log on to play, your game is there just as you left it, readily available for you to enjoy with your real life friends. 

Tamatem’s Social Games: Fashion Queen, VIP Baloot & VIP Jalsat

Even prior to the pandemic, Tamatem has been a champion of social mobile gaming. Be it socialized gaming or gamified socialization, the impact of combining mobile games with a social layer is powerful beyond measure. 

Currently, in the socially distanced world we live in, social mobile games are more important than ever in rerouting our unmet need for social interaction. For example, in the MENA region specifically, card games are a huge part of social life and even more so during Ramadan. VIP Baloot and VIP Jalsat are social mobile game platforms that enable players to take part in the card games they love, with their real life friends, all from the comfort and safety of home. 

Similarly, Fashion Queen caters to players who appreciate the social aspect of a game. The game, localized for the MENA region, enables players to embark on a journey to become a Hollywood star. With features like character building and in-game socialization, Fashion Queen has become a stand-out social mobile game in the region. 

All three games have seen major increases in popularity and engagement during this time, making them go-to social outlets for MENA region gamers craving social interaction. To conclude, social mobile games have never been more important than they are now. The need for high quality, culturally relevant, socially powered games is undeniable. While the pandemic is not permanent, a social take on mobile gaming is definitely here to stay. 

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