January 6, 2022

5 Things I Learned Working At Tamatem Games

The common belief that learning stops once your education is over is rather inaccurate – in fact, some of the most impactful educational experiences happen outside of the classroom. Elena Hinnawi, Public Relations Strategist at Tamatem Games, shares 5 things she’s learned on the job so far.

As soon as I joined Tamatem Games, I knew right away that the job and the team were unlike anything I had experienced since my career started. After having worked at Tamatem Games for almost a year now, here are 5 things I’ve learned.

CEO’s make all the difference

Like many in the region, I had always been fascinated with the backstory of Tamatem Games; how it started, how far it’s come and how Hussam Hammo managed to make it all happen. It was only when I experienced it firsthand by becoming part of the team that I saw for myself how much of a difference a CEO can make, not only on a company-wide level but on a personal one too.

Although you could read as many CEO success stories as TechCrunch publishes and hear as many good things as people in the industry could say, you truly appreciate a CEO’s hard work once you experience what they’ve built. Hammo’s influence can be seen in the success that Tamatem Games has achieved over the years but his true character, both as a human and a CEO, can be seen in the inclusive, nurturing and powerful company culture he has built.

You never stop learning

If I were to write this article again a year from now, I would easily be able to share 5 or more new things I would have learned. Working with one of MENA’s top mobile game publishers, the learning curve is constantly stimulating and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

The truth is, even when you get the hang of every task related to your day-to-day job, there’s still more to learn from everyone else around you. From learning about the power of data analytics, to gaining experience in dealing with all kinds of personality types, the learning you do on the job at Tamatem is impactful in a lifelong way.

People are everything

You can have every part of the equation nailed down; investment rounds, office space, access to the latest and greatest tech – you name it. But if your team is not made up of the right people, chances are you won’t make it.

It’s not just a matter of having people with relevant industry experience, skill sets and capabilities; it’s about passion, personality, drive, team spirit, longevity, and the list goes on. As an employee, the people I work with make my day-to-day better in every sense of the word. As a company, your people are your secret weapon every single day but, more importantly, in the long run too.

Agility is a superpower

As a PR Specialist at Tamatem Games, one of the most crucial things I’ve learned is the power of agility. The mobile games industry is fast-paced to say the least, namely in the MENA region. Being agile as a company is the only way to keep up with industry trends, market patterns, and tech advancements – we embrace change wholeheartedly, respond to it quickly and adjust as we go.

In order to play my role in maintaining company-wide agility, I’ve had to learn the power of agility on an individual level. Being agile and having the ability to run with changes, pivot, and keep my head above the water is one of the most valuable skills I’ve learned to date.

Expect the unexpected (and embrace it!)

While it sounds cliché, expecting the unexpected is truly a skill best learned from real life experience – it gets easier the more you deal with unexpected obstacles. However, embracing the unexpected is much easier said than done.

Being able to welcome change and be agile is one thing, but embracing it and responding to it with a smile, with much-needed positive energy, and a productive attitude is a game-changer.

That’s not to say that you should always fake a smile through the storm, but that you should at least try to see the cup half-full when facing any challenge. I’ve learned that not everyone on the team will always have the capacity to be positive and cheery during tough times, but if we each do our part to at least try embracing the unexpected whenever we can, then we can lift each other up when needed.

If you’re interested in a job where the industry never sleeps and the learning never stops, check out our careers at Tamatem Games.

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